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Planetary news this week: August 9, 2021. A chance to regroup and rebalance

by Lynn Hayes.   There are no major planetary alignments this week, and the big square aspect between Saturn and Uranus that has dominated much of the year so far is mostly dormant now.  Saturn and Uranus will be between 7-8 degrees from exactitude between now and October before moving together for their next confrontation towards the end of December.  That is not to say that the stress between control (Saturn) and liberation (Uranus) is over, but the intensity has been ratcheted down a notch so real change can take place.

Dates and times are given in EDT and UTC, please adjust for your time zone.

Monday, August 9th.   The energies of Sunday’s Leo New Moon are still vibrant but fading somewhat, especially after the Moon enters Virgo at 10:55 am EDT/2:55 pm UTC.  The Moon influences us from within, whereas the Sun influences us from the outer world.  When the Moon is in Virgo, the sign of analysis and details, those details become more important to us and how we feel and react takes a back seat.  This can make it easier to get things done, improve productivity and generally be more capable and efficient.

That will be somewhat more difficult on Monday with an opposition from Venus (beauty) to Neptune (transcendence) which peaks at 8:19 pm EDT/12:19 am Tuesday UTC.  Under this aspect there is a longing for more magic, and too much efficiency and analysis can harsh the mellow. This will be especially true just before midnight EDT/just before 4 am UTC when the Virgo Moon aligns with Mars creating some rough edges and conflict.  Because of the hour, it could be difficult to sleep especially if you are working some things out in your mind.

Tuesday August 10th. The Moon […]

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5.6.21 – Gentle transformation with Venus and the Pisces Moon

art by Carly Marie

Yesterday’s harmonious trine from Venus to Pluto, softening the hard edges and aiding in the transformation of our interactions with others, still lingers today.  Under this influence we can see a little more deeply into the subconscious patterns that underlie all of our interactions, and make the appropriate changes where needed.  Even a soft impact of Pluto can wield a sword, but in the trine the sword moves swiftly and gently to get right to the point.

Meanwhile the Moon is in Pisces, opening the heart and soothing any hard edges to facilitate an easy transformation and transition. Any Pisces influence will operate to blur the boundaries of conventional life and open a window into a greater observance of soulful connections, and that is especially true when the Moon, the very window into the soul, is in Pisces.  And even more true this afternoon EDT/evening GMT when the Moon conjoins Neptune, Pisces’ modern ruler, in a double whammy of Neptunian illumination. Today is the perfect day to connect more deeply into ourselves by quieting the outer world a bit and letting the soul speak. ❤️

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5.5.21 – Take a relaxing break today with a trine from Venus in Taurus to Pluto

art by Amanda Clark

Venus in its own sign of Taurus is a delicious gift of comfort and peaceful equanimity, and we get to enjoy it for another few days.  Today and tomorrow, Venus will form a harmonious trine to Pluto, planet of depth and intensity.  Venus/Pluto aspects are usually pretty uncomfortable, since Pluto is all about forcing us beyond our comfort zone and encouraging us to let go of the dead stuff we carry around with us, especially psychological detritus to which we are particularly attached.  But the harmonious trine from Venus to Pluto can help to strengthen our relationships, add to our creative confidence, and help to empower our relationship with money and other resources.  Technically this aspect doesn’t culminate until tomorrow morning, but the energies will be building throughout today.

Meanwhile the Moon is newly in Pisces and very active today, energizing Mars in a trine around noon EDT/4 pm GMT which can help to focus sensitive Piscean energies into a form of creative spirituality which fuels our intentions and helps with the integration of spirit and soul.  The Pisces Moon harmonizes with Uranus early evening EDT/late evening GMT to infuse us with a sparkly excitement and inspiration, so this will be the perfect time for brainstorming or a creative project.

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