Venus trine Saturn

Planetary news this week: The end of the Saturn/Uranus square

Astrological update for the week of October 10-17, 2022

Saturn square Uranus: The final hurrah. We are in the final stages of the challenging square from Saturn (compression) to Uranus (rebellion) – the planetary cycle of 2021 which promoted so much civil unrest and overreaction. Although this is not an exact aspect (the two planets are 39 minutes of a degree apart and will begin to wane, we will likely continue to see the final stages of reactionary behavior well into November.

When two planets are in a square aspect to each other, there is conflict which, ideally, will lead to a resolution and eventual personal growth. But this can only occur when there is an attempt to understand the other’s point of view. In this case we have the co-rulers of Aquarius (Saturn the traditional ruler, Uranus the modern ruler) fighting over the fate of society (Aquarius). This is not an ideal planetary condition for an election, and there have been quite a few around the world since August while this aspect has been in effect.

Planetary squares can bring out extremes, but we can modulate their effect somewhat by finding a middle way – the “Mahayana” of Buddhism, the “path between.”

Mercury enters Libra. On Monday Mercury leaves the orderliness of Virgo for the diplomacy of Libra. For the next few weeks (until October 29) there is potential for greater ease in negotiations and seeing both sides of an issue so that a resolution can be achieved, something that we could really use under the Saturn/Uranus conflicting energies.

Here is what you need to know for the week ahead. Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality. 

Monday October 10. As the week begins the […]

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Astrological update for the week of August 23, 2021: Virgo season and Full Moon recovery

art by Carla Seaton

There was quite a discussion on my Facebook page Sunday about the sleeplessness of the Aquarius Full Moon!  With Uranus stationary in the sky and modern ruler of the lunation, the Uranian pressure to wake up can happen a bit too literally.  In any case, the Sun moved into Virgo shortly after the 29 degree Full Moon and joined Mercury and Mars which are already in Virgo, taking us fully into Virgo Season.

The sign that the Sun is in acts as a filter for our conscious experiences, and the Sun in Virgo is all about wrapping up the details.  We are nearly halfway through the zodiac, and it’s time to assimilate the experiences of the signs that came before before we make the shift at the Equinox into Libra and complete the passage around the wheel of time.  Transits of the Sun are typically pretty mild – they last only a day or so and simply serve to illuminate or call our attention to something which may have been hidden in the darkness of the subconscious.

This week is pretty quiet astrologically and offers a chance to regain our balance and hopefully get a good night’s sleep!  And now, the week ahead. (Dates and times are given in EDT and UTC, please adjust for your locality.)

Monday, August 23.  Our connections are strengthened all day through a harmonious trine from Venus, in Libra where it is at its strongest, urging us to pursue beauty and love in all things, to Saturn, planet of structure and control.  Venus/Saturn aspects promote responsible interactions and easier commitments, and facilitates greater balance and equality in relationships.  The Moon, in Pisces where we tend to feel more of […]

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5.19.21 – Creating new stability with Venus trine Saturn

art by Boris Indrikov

Yesterday we had a nice sextile from Venus to Chiron, softening any rough edges and helping to heal difficult challenges.  Today Saturn helps to stabilize relationships and economic situations through a focus on a reality-based way of looking at the world. We become more pragmatic and less swayed by feelings and the emotions caught up in old wounds, and our values and the things that we hold dear are more important.  Venus transits are like a breath in the wind, especially the harmonious ones which have a very soft effect.  But while we may not pay attention to the softer planetary influences, they can be great assets in creating more ease in our lives and Saturn in particular can help to provide greater stability.

The Moon will shift into Virgo around 5 pm EDT/9 pm GMT which will enhance our tendency to act from pragmatism rather than emotion or impulsivity.  The Virgo Moon helps us to better organize our feelings into strategies to improve our lives and the lives of those around us, but when the Moon opposes dreamy Neptune at around 6 pm EDT/10 pm GMT we are likely to spend a few houses in dreamland as opposed to organizing our kitchen.  😀

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5.18.21 – Talking through issues with Venus in Gemini sextile Chiron

art by Tiare Smith

There are difficult conversations where everyone ends up sad and hurt, and then there are helpful conversations which foster healing and the ability to move through painful places.  Today we are blessed with the latter: an easy sextile between Venus in Gemini, the consummate conversationalist, and Chiron, planet of wounding and healing.  Sometimes our hurt feelings arise from something that occurred in the present moment, but often they are rooted in something that happened long ago.  We often can’t tell the difference because the feeling is the same!  This Venus/Chiron aspect today can smooth out the wrinkles and help us to let any stuck energies release more easily.

Another Venus influence is building today which will culminate tomorrow: a harmonious trine to Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn helps to stabilize relationships and economic situations through a focus on a reality-based way of looking at the world.  We become more pragmatic and less swayed by feelings and the emotions caught up in old wounds, and meanwhile the joy-seeking Leo Moon opens doors to the experience of real joy.  A cornucopia of positivity that we can use for all kinds of good things! ☀️


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