Understanding the Vertex Better

Posted by Neith. Lately I’ve been taking time to do more reading at Top Ten Sources for Astrology and have found some interesting paths to travel down. Just recently I happened across an article on the Vertex in the natal chart by Lynn Koiner. Now I have been looking at the Vertex in synastry because it cropped with great regularity especially if the relationship was an important one for the individuals involved. Pat Paquette (The Pisces Chronicles blog) was the first astrologer to bring the Vertex to my attention early this year and I’m very grateful to her for that!

The Vertex is almost always on the right hand side of the chart where we respond or react to other people’s urgings and attentions. Even those of us with an emphasis on the left hand side of chart as mine is still have to contend with the matters the Vertex is pointing up. In other words, in one particular respect it behooves us to listen to other people . . . something it takes a very self-directed sort like me more than a few years to comprehend. Reading what Lynn had to say really got my attention because her description of what it meant to have the Vertex in Cancer (as I have) fits extremely well. Here is what she said:

“Cancer: In this life, you will be pulled into dealing directly with the public, with the media, with the emotions of others—often this starts with the emotional issues in the family, depending upon the Vertex House position. In dealing with the emotional issues in your relationships with others, you will be drawn into soothing troubled water and nurturing others’ needs. You may also […]

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