This is why Sun Sign astrology doesn’t work

A reader writes:

I was born under the sign of LEO. I think I have two other planets in LEO. I can tell you that I am far from a LEO. In areas that I should be strong because of my LEO traits, I am often handicapped by fear/anxiety. At times I think I strongly identify more with Virgo than LEO. I was wondering if you could tell what else in my chart that would account for this and if there is anything I can do to achieve the most positive aspects of LEO to the fullest.

This guy, let’s call him Fred, does indeed have the Sun in Leo and he also has Uranus in Leo which being a generational placement doesn’t add much Leo to his personality.  In addition, his Sun is square to Neptune, the planet of mists and illusion, which does tend to water down that Leo somewhat and make it more of a challenge to find the Self that Leo needs so strongly to express.

More importantly, though, he has Virgo rising (the rising sign represents the persona, the style in which we live our life) so it’s no wonder he identifies with the sign of Virgo, and Virgo is very different from Leo.  Fred has the North Node in Leo, so during this lifetime he is meant to move more fully into the Leo experience but he has to balance that Leo strength and power with the Virgo need for restraint and modesty.  Often when an individual has Leo and Virgo both manifesting strongly in their charts they will identify with one over the other, and the key to integration is to allow both of these influences to exist simultaneously.

There’s no doubt that Fred is powerful – Pluto sits right on his ascendant. […]

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