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One final (I promise!) look at the Void Moon in Presidential Inaugurations

This is a research project that I have been pondering, and now astrologer Rodney Smith has done the work for me:

The interest in the Void-Of-Course moon (VOC) and the presidential inauguration on this blog has prompted me to do some research. Where a President dies or resigns the office, the Vice-President completes the Presidential term as President. This is called Presidency by succession.

The following figures have been rounded within acceptable error for simplicity’s sake- The basic facts,

• One in six presidential terms have been completed by succession.

• One in six VOC presidential terms have been completed by succession

• One in four presidential terms begin under VOC

• One in four inaugurations occur under VOC

Primary conclusion: VOC has no noticeable effect on whether or not a president finishes his or her term.

The remainder of the post lists every presidential inauguration that has taken place under the Void Moon. Rodney has used only the five classical planets and has not included Uranus, Neptune, Pluto or Chiron. Even so, his conclusions are indisputable.

The Void Moon is a construct which comes from the horary branch of astrology which seeks to answer questions based on the astrological chart for the moment the question is asked. In this context the Moon, being the fastest moving planet, tells much of the story.  All indications are taken into consideration – hence the concept of the Moon being Void as it hurtles unobstructed into the next sign.

Hopefully this comprehensive research will set many minds at ease!!

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Chief Justice Roberts gets a Mulligan: A new inaugural chart?

This article originally quoted the 7:30 pm time from the San Francisco Chronicle.  I have updated the link to the two charts with the correct time and amended the post. Chief Justice Roberts flubbed the lines in the Presidential Oath of Office on Tuesday when he put the word “faithfully” in the wrong order.  President Obama, evidently out of respect for Roberts, said the words exactly as Roberts had said them which led conservative commentators to complain that Obama wasn’t really President because he hadn’t said the oath correctly.

The New York Times has an interesting article about this noting that the language in the Oath is actually incorrect, and that Roberts’ internal copy editor made the change without even thinking about it.

Of course we know that it was all because of Mercury Retrograde and the Void of Course Moon. :)  Under the influence of Mercury retrograde we often need a do-over, or an opportunity to get something right the second time.

Last night, in a move that will make astrologers around the world exhale in relief, Chief Justice Roberts re-administered the Oath of Office at the White House at 7:35 pm on January 21st. So which astrological chart is the correct one?

The Constitution says that the Presidency begins at noon on January 20, so I would argue that this chart is correct.  The noon chart is the chart for the Presidency, which is really what we are interesting.  It’s hard to know what importance to place on the chart for the signing of the Oath, which evidently But there is obviously some significance to the oath having been repeated, so let’s see what a difference this new chart makes.

Of course the big Pluto transits reported a few days ago are still in force, but the charts are […]

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Obama and the Void of Course Moon (again!)

It appears that Obama, who announced his candidacy when the Moon was void of course (which has been a topic of much discussion in the comments here at this site and elsewhere) is poised to take the oath of office under a void Moon as well.  The Moon is said to be void of course when it has completed aspecting other planets and is on its way to the next zodiacal sign. Some astrologers (me, for instance) do not put much stock in the effects of the void moon.  For others, it’s a sure sign that Obama will drive the country into a disaster.  (Fortunately, the Moon was not void at the time of Obama’s nomination.)

Shelley Ackerman is begging the President-Elect, “PLEASE put off the Oath of Office until 12:30 pm when the Moon goes direct.”  (Thanks Elsa for the link.)

Astrologers all over the Internet have been chatting and posting for months about the alignment of the planets at 12 noon on January 20, 2009. Many, myself included (I’ve been writing about this long before Obama secured the Democratic nomination) strongly feel that delaying the oath for 30 minutes is a very good idea.

Why not wait a half hour, and let the Moon align in a more favorable spot? PLEASE humor the astrologers who care so much about the success of your presidency, Mr. President-Elect, and let the bugles play, the poets read, the dancers dance, the clerics pray and have Aretha sing an encore, but stall in any way you can and say “I do” at 12:30 pm. The Moon will be exalted in Sagittarius in a nice aspect to lucky Jupiter

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More on the Void of Course Moon

Few topics are as hotly disputed among astrologers as the question of whether the “void of course” moon has an effect on our daily lives. Early in my career I carefully watched for the void of course moon but found no correlation and no effect. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there is none, because different cycles affect people differently and typically people who are more “lunar” in nature experience the moon’s vagaries more personally. But I have always looked at the void moon as one more thing to plant fear in the hearts of astrology students. (The “void-of-course” moon occurs after the moon makes its last major aspect to another planet before changing signs. )

So I was happy to see this article from Dana Gerhardt, one of astrology’s noted moon experts who I have always admired, entitled “Don’t be frightened of void of course moons.” Dana writes:

Sometimes astrology is scary. You might have blissfully spent all your days unaware of void-of-course moons, but once you hear about them, you’re panicky. The news about void-of-course moons does sound hopeless. Anything begun them goes nowhere. Your job interview won’t bring employment. Your visit to your mother-in-law won’t earn any goodwill. Convene a business meeting and all plans made then will fall apart later. . . .

The logic behind this divination is more symbolic than literal. It does not presume that everyone travels the same celestial assembly line, passing through good and bad times all at once. Not all of the hundred thousand letters mailed during a void-of-course moon will fly from the postman’s hands and land in a trash dumpster. But if you begin a project on such a moon and later find your work faltering, the […]

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