A friend of mine sent me an email containing her Mercury Rx story:

“There have been power outages and surges following me around. First the power went out here at home two nights ago, and then when we went to our favorite Mexican place for dinner 3 miles away the power surged there. Yesterday the internet was down all morning, and then the cable tv was out all afternoon!

Yesterday morning I drove out to [her client’s office] with documents to be signed and was told that I couldn’t enter the premises because I had my dog in the car. When I did finally get to my client 20 minutes later, he apologized and said he had only had 15 minutes to meet with me and we’d have to reschedule!

I can’t wait to see what happens today. “

My friend is a good example of the manner in which Mercury Retrograde periods affect us more powerfully if they aspect something in our chart, or if something is already going on in our chart with Mercury. D has Mars at 23 Pisces which is exactly inconjunct (30 degrees) retrograde Mercury which creates pressure and irritation with no real means for relief. But perhaps more significant is the square of transiting Pluto to D’s progressed Mercury right now which is adding more power to her thoughts and potentially reducing her objectivity.

Sometimes we sail through Mercury Retrograde without a hitch; sometimes we need a little more discipline to maintain our focus. Regardless, keeping a sense of humor is invaluable!

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