I thought I’d share just a few fun things that have happened over the past few days:

A document that I was waiting for from Switzerland arrived late, and the post office lost the slip for me to pick up the document with. I went to the post office to straighten this out, and their computer crashed so they couldn’t locate the document. Today I went to the post office when the computer was back up, whereupon they discovered that the document wasn’t where it was supposed to be and spent most of the morning looking for it.

A friend of mine who lives in Germany had mailed her electric bill, but it was erroneously posted to the wrong address and her power was turned off. Because she didn’t live in the house she didn’t know that the power was off, and wasn’t aware of various repair problems that occurred as a result.

Today my Outloook program suddenly decided not to collect my email.

This morning I drove 30 minutes to a neighboring town to appear as a witness in a friend’s divorce case. I waited 2 hours in a local coffee shop, waiting to be called. When I received no phone calls, I returned back to my office only to find a message from earlier that morning that I was needed to appear.

What’s been going on in your world?

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