The Full Moon in Taurus is a blessing from the Earth.  Taurus is the earthiest of all of the earth signs – it is a fixed sign so it encourages stability and perseverance, but is also stubborn and unyielding.  As an earth sign, Taurus is concerned with practical matters and physical comfort.  Sensual experiences of food and touch are important for Taurus, and for all of us under the Taurus Full Moon.

When the Moon is full in Taurus, the Scorpio Sun is exactly opposite the Moon.  Full Moons are the apex of the lunar cycle, and the opposition  (180 degree) aspect requires integration of polar opposites.  Where Taurus longs for peace and comfort, Scorpio demands intensity and passionate involvement.  Where Taurus seeks security, Scorpio is an emotional risk-taker.  It is this tension that creates the emotionality that Full Moons are famous for.

Still, Venus (attraction and relating) will have just moved from Virgo into Libra, bringing light into our relationships and bringing greater interpersonal balance.  In addition, Mercury moves into Sagittarius on the day of the Full Moon which begins a few weeks of a more optimistic period in which we seek a larger view of life and find more hope and faith.

Mercury is preparing to turn retrograde and has slowed down in preparation of its change of direction, so Mercury is very important right now.  A challenging square from Mercury to Neptune (delusion, spiritual yearning) is embedded in the chart of the Full Moon and can bring some confusion as some of the details that keep us anchored in the physical world become unraveled. If we let go and spend some time in meditation and inner thought that day we will avoid some of the pitfalls and potential delusion of this aspect.

While Taurus usually emphasizes a grounded experience of Life on Planet Earth, this potentially confusing aspect will require that we allow our inner intuitive voice to find fuller expression and help to inform the rational mind.

Of course the Uranus/Pluto square is embedded in this chart, as it will be in every lunation throughout the next few years, so letting go of the past (Pluto) and moving into the future (Uranus) is an important energetic component of the Full Moon. This is aided by an aspect which helps to foster an inner sense of expansion and great possibilities, and a harmonious solar aspect illuminates our healing journey and helps to ensure that all of our experiences during this time facilitate our personal growth and evolution.

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