Astrological update for the week of May 15-22, 2023

Planets changing signs bring about a shift in human consciousness, and when three planetary bodies change signs in one week it can be very enervating. There is a strong Taurus signature, with Jupiter entering Taurus and a Taurus New Moon, so the drive for peaceful experiences is a strong one. However, the Sun enters Gemini at the end of the week and opens up the door to Gemini season which is much more active, so we will want to be prepared for that.

Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter, the planet of optimism, good fortune, and the search for meaning, enters Taurus on Tuesday where it will remain for about a year. Taurus is a sign of Earthly matters: prosperity, comfort, sensory pleasures – all of these are of greater importance when Jupiter is in Taurus. It’s worth remembering that Taurus is a fixed sign, and while Jupiter is expansive and idealistic, it also inspires religiosity. Jupiter in Taurus can often be somewhat inflexible and we may need to prepare to bend more than is comfortable at times.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Venus and Jupiter are known in traditional astrology as benefic planets – generally speaking, they tend to open doors of opportunity and attract positive things. So Jupiter in Taurus over the next twelve month may offer opportunities and some of us may be luckier during this time. This is not a guarantee, though, and too much faith in Jupiter’s bountiful nature could create its own problems and just a reminder, the last time Jupiter went through 2011 there was an economic crisis in the U.S. when a budget could not be passed because of ideological (Jupiter) rigidity.

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Jupiter square Pluto May 17. The day after entering Taurus, Jupiter will align in a challenging square to Pluto. Jupiter presides over the communication of shared ideas and is associated with journalism and the press as well as religion, theology and philosophy.  Pluto is the planet of power, as well as destruction and regeneration.  These two planets face off just one time during this cycle, but with all of the conflict in public life this planetary transit (which will take a couple of weeks to weaken) is likely to cause some trouble. Under the last square of Jupiter to Pluto back in 2017 (a tripartite cycle which lasted for about nine months) Donald Trump declared a war (Pluto) on the press (Jupiter), and this cycle also saw the rise of QAnon.

Watch for stressful triggers on May 17. The last time Mars (aggression) was tied into the middle of the Jupiter/Pluto cycle, and I’m afraid that’s true this time around as well. In addition, the Moon enters Taurus on the 17th and hits Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto during the day.  On top of that, the North and South Nodes of Fate, are also a part of this challenging formation, suggesting a fated quality to events that happen at this time. Mars/Pluto interactions are often fraught with tension and sometimes are associated with periods of conflict. Fortunately, this single pass of Jupiter to Pluto which is already underway will last only a couple of weeks before subsiding and the Mars influence will dwindle by the end of the week.

Taurus New Moon May 19. The Moon and Sun align in late Taurus, just hours before the Moon moves into Gemini followed two days later by the Sun. The beginning of a new lunar cycle offers a fresh new start, but when the New Moon takes place just before leaving a sign there’s an ending that must occur before the new beginning can take place. The New Moon chart shows the Sun and Moon well placed, in harmonious aspect to Mars in Cancer (for positive energy), to Neptune (for creative inspiration), and to Ceres (for body wisdom and integration). However, these planets are all in the late degrees of their sign and will spill over soon to challenge Mars, Jupiter and Pluto so this is a moment of rest before a restructuring takes place.

New Moons are good times to set intentions for a fresh new start, and this New Moon is a good time to take a breather and find a place of peace and equanimity within. This peaceful center can be a place we come back again and again in times of stress or disruption.

Mars enters Leo May 20. Mars inspires motivation and action, and we have had a few weeks of Mars in Cancer where emotions and feelings can drown out the fire in the belly. With Mars entering Leo we have access to greater enthusiasm, especially where our own pleasures are concerned. Leo is the joy-seeker, and the fire planet in the sign of joy and pleasure can bring a lot of fun into our lives if we let it.

The energy of Mars in Leo is infectious and can help to motivate even the most sluggish of individuals.  There is some danger that the Leo openness can expand the aggressive force of Mars, and because Leo is a fixed sign there can be a tendency to become stuck in ones desires and find it difficult to seek alternative pathways. This is especially true at this time because as we saw above, Mars will be activating Jupiter for greater self-righteousness, and challenging Pluto for problems ranging from minor conflicts to outright violence. The presence of the Nodes show that there is a fated story here, but also that guidance is available if we only listen.

Sun enters Gemini May 21. The Sun joins Gemini on the 21st and if we pay attention we will notice that the clouds have cleared and the bonds created by the fixed cross (Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Nodes) have loosened. The Sun harmonizes with both Mars and Pluto to soften the hard edges, although the momentum of conflict can take a few days to subside.

That will take us into next week’s forecast, and next week’s astrological weather will be a bit milder. I hope you have a good week! 💖

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