Thank you SO much [for the recording of the session]! I was exhausted yesterday after the call, being emotional kicks my butt! And I also felt really motivated and I’m looking forward to approaching things differently now having a new perspective. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to talk with you, and thanks so much for your support :)

SS, Seattle
I wanted to thank you for my session last night. I can’t tell you how helpful it was to clarify my ideas and to understand what I was feeling before it had fully gelled both on the love side and the career side! You are really good!

SP, New York

I feel so encouraged and empowered because of our session today.  You are a blessing to so many people and very gifted as an intuitive astrologer AND as a life coach.  I really enjoyed today’s session and am excited about the [Visioncrafting] “list” you sent.

Anyway, I look forward to adapting/tweaking them and reading and practicing, too.  I believe this practice will help me navigate my maze of emotions enabling me to recognize and welcome the opportunities coming my way.

SH, Columbus Ohio 

It was great speaking with you yesterday. Good stuff to ponder and to apply. I appreciated you speaking shorthand with me and for your balanced perspective.
LS, Minneapolis

Lynn, thank you so much for your incredibly insightful reading.  I was so blown away I am still trying to absorb it all.  I feel so much more complete some how, like I found missing pieces I have tried to figure out all my life.

RR, Vancouver

Although a student of astrology, my session with Lynn was the first time I ever consulted with a professional astrologer. I have been in the midst of a difficult transition and Lynn helped give me some perspective on a past relationship as well as some perspective into my own personal development. She is very astute and also clearly a kind and caring soul – even without being face to face I felt very comfortable opening up to her right away. I’d highly recommend Lynn to anyone who is going through a difficult situation in life and wants to have an objective perspective from an experienced astrologer. Thank you Lynn!

LE, Rochester NY

Lynn brings incredible skill, depth, and insight to her analysis of charts. I cannot emphasize enough the accurate her take on my and my partner’s charts was, and how much it helped me to move forward with the intuitions I already had about my personal transformation. I am a counseling astrologer myself, and wanted to have a reading from someone who would take my interpretations to the next level. Lynn certainly fulfilled this wish, and so much more. Our reading left me feeling grounded and confident in my intuitions, and empowered to give myself the care and compassion that I deserve at this point in my life. I recommend her highly to anyone who wants to see what astrology can really do in the hands of a profoundly gifted reader.

CL, Seattle WA

Thanks again so much for the wonderful reading and for helping me to see the way ahead a bit more clearly. It was really a pleasure to speak with you and get your feedback. I really value your amazing insights!

KP, Junction City, California

Thanks for yesterday.. It was beyond my wildest expectations. I went in willing and open, although I truly did not know what to expect. Not only did I feel my essence was validated, I felt my energy field expanding the minute you began sharing with me. I thank you especially for the warm, trusting environment that is created in your presence. I have felt this aura about you since the first time we met over 25 years ago. The difference today is that yesterday I felt it radiate throughout my being which allowed my soul to open wide and hear so very much that resonated with it.

Thank you for doing this Blessed work!

SR, Pittsboro NC

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful reading last night! I feel much better and more at ease just knowing that all of these things have been going on in my chart, and I feel more confident facing the challenges I have ahead. I’m especially grateful for the advice on working on my “wounds” and expression of what I want, and knowing what I want, and so much more. I feel like you told me everything I needed to hear right now.

JS, Colorado

Lynn– I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the time with you this morning. You were so helpful in putting things into perspective for me, and taking off some of the pressure that I have felt. More than anything what I needed was just some hope that things will change, that I will get unstuck, and you definitely provided that, so thank you. : ) I hope you have a great weekend, and thank you so much for doing what you do.

BP, Raleigh NC

I received the MP3 reading today and WOW – what a birthday present – so much in there and you are right on with all of it. I’m glad we hooked up – you are another blessing in my life and I just want you to know that — YOU are a transformer too and talk about stealth work!!! Ya got me forever. I just played the reading and will play it again and take notes – especially about my business – only another business owner who works on commission could understand me — you are a gift!

PB, Chicago IL

I phoned in on your Visioncrafting show on blog talk radio. I wanted to let you know how things are going. I bought your book and spent some time with it and basically had two areas I wanted to improve. I wanted to start dating again and meet a really great guy. I had no trouble crafting a powerful vision statement for this! I know exactly what I’m looking for. Well, I’m happy to say I’ve been dating someone who fits my criteria exactly! And it happened so fast I can’t believe it. Things do seem to be going well there.

The other area is school, and I still feel blocked. [This is after less than two months.] I’m going to continue to work at it. I do believe in the process. It has already made a wonderful change in my life.

MM, Florida

Thank you so much for this [sound file] and the reading yesterday… my mind was buzzing all afternoon & evening w/ possibilities. Very grateful for your clear and thoughtful explanations!

BG, Boulder CO

I love talking to you. Your website is awesome, your monthly Skywatch is phenomenal – every month I can’t wait for you to write it. I jump right on there and read it, it’s so accurate and I can relate to so much of it. That’s why I keep calling you, you help me so much.

SB, South Florida

Lynn, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to do some more Visioncrafting with you. I sat down and read our vision statements and had the most powerful feelings of potential transformation. Hard to describe actually, but I could really feel the opportunity and the invitation.

I am excited about the work. It feels more grounded than some of the other things I’ve tried. I feel an easy, trusting connection, and I could tell after just one session that you are super-gifted at this work.

LB, Nashville TN

You are a light in my life. Your articles are interesting, informative, inspirational, intuitive, and I look forward each day for your latest brilliant analysis. I’m grateful that I found you online.


I just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks again for taking so much time on my reading last week and helping me clairify my goals and missions. I’ve spent the last several years just floundering around, not being able to move forward, and not recognizing that my struggles were the moving forward. Can’t wait to learn more when the chart and info arrive, not to mention further study with you and others.

Thanks again, I know how much time you must have spent to try and help figure out my birth time and how it impacted my reading.

BT, Seattle, WA

A heartfelt thank you from South Africa, for the generous way you share your knowledge and insight with us every day. I can just imagine how much work goes into your excellent articles. You need to know some of us are sincerely grateful for the privilege to have free access to it. As an eternal student of astrology, I have learned much from you and continue to do so.

ID, South Africa

Thank you so much for the reading. It was really wonderful. I do really believe that things happen as they are supposed to and this fits that belief. I have known for a little bit here I have been
losing sight of some of my spirituality. Your reading has helped to give me the nudge back that I need right now. … I have been replaying in my ear your words. It make such sense to me and clears many things up for me.

This was a wonderful gift from you and my higher power. Just what I needed.

DK, Pittsboro NC

I sought your help some time ago regarding difficulty I had relating to my youngest daughter who is a Leo, and after using the information that you provided from comparing her birth chart to mine, I was able to better understand where she was coming from and altered the way I related to her with great success! …

I am so Very Proud of Her & so Very Thankful for Your Help, as that was what I needed to open My eyes as to the blind spots in My parenting style that caused EXTREME Frustration in relating with My Daughter.

I just wanted to give You this Update and let You know how much I truly Appreciate Your Gifts & Talents regarding Astrology! I pass along to family, friends, and co-workers as to how You have helped in such a tremendous way by giving Me such valuable insight.


DF, Pensacola FL

What a pleasure to talk with you today! Thank you very much for your time and insight on today’s call. I found it extremely helpful and enlightening and I cannot wait to hear the CD.

RC, Covington GA

Your reading was very enlightening. It helped explain a lot of aspects about myself that I couldn’t quite comprehend. There are just too many contradictions in me. But now I have a better understanding why, and feel very peaceful about myself.

Thank you so much!

VS, Huntington Beach CA

Once again, thank you for my very first astrological reading. It was really exciting and informative and I was amazed at your accuracy in describing my life’s situation.

DS, Brisbane, Australia

Thank you so much for our session today. Speaking with you was a wonderful and empowering experience for me and I know it will help me to make the changes in my life that I have been longing for. Visioncrafting is a very powerful magical tool and I can feel it resonates high manifestions.
DT, Hamburg Germany

You always tell me that you don’t predict the future, but everything you say comes true, even down to the day. [this comes from a quarterly forecasting client where we can be more specific in timing]

AB, Dallas TX

I wanted to write and thank you for your reading a few months ago. It really helped me define my goals and move forward with my painting…. I suddenly have realized that rerouting Neptunian/Mars energy into my work is tremendously productive, creative and beautiful, while all this time I was throwing all that energy into ridiculous acts of self sacrifice. … Suddenly after years and years of struggling in directions that bore very little fruit for me in terms of conventional success or personal fulfillment, I was showered with both, selling paintings right and left, earning heaps of praise and enjoying myself all the way. Thanks a million for everything!

DR, Berkeley CA

Thank you so much for the astrology reading today! It was a pleasure to meet you and work with you. I am looking forward to listening to the recording.. God bless your skills, it is a gift to be able to see and understand these astrological and energy patterns and then translate them!

MR, Bend OR

I am still processing today’s reading – it was very powerful and so insightful. Thank you so much for all that you offered.

MH, Pipersville PA

Thank you for the reading. You definitely are one of the more educated astrologers who have done a reading for me. I am surprised nobody told me of the grand trine before. Once I have my finances settled I would like to do another reading as I am impressed with you and your knowledge

TW, Palm Beach FL

I enjoyed so much being with you today.You really have a gift and this has been such a positive experience. When you’re in a crisis you need answers or at least clarification and this has been very helpful.

PS, Yorkshire, England


I can’t tell you how comforted and calm I am after our session. I believe to my core that I’m on the right path. … What an amazing gift you shared with me and with all who cross your path. Thank you so very much.

CM, Columbia SC

I just wanted to thank you for last night’s reading – my mind is still reeling from all of the juicy information and suggestions you provided. Your vast knowledge, gentle communication style, and deep wisdom amazed me. Some of it was hard to hear because I haven’t fully accepted these [things] as part of myself. But it was right on.

Overall, the reading was very empowering, and the strategies you provided for dealing with some of the aspects and transits, particularly regarding finding my career, were invaluable. I will recommend you highly to all my astro-friends, and continue to cherish your blog, which is, in my mind, clearly the most well-written, insightful, and relevant astrology blog out there.


MQ, Dayton OH

Lynn, thank you so much for the thoughtful and enlightening insights, as well as the uplifting language, that you put into my vision statements. They are personalized and resonant and meaningful to me, and I know that they are going to help my life be everything I want it to be.

LS, Akron OH

Thanks for the time you spent with me doing my reading, I felt like you handed me the information so gently, like it was on a velvet pillow, and made everything much clearer.

BK, Chapel Hill NC

Many thanks …… Your reading clears up a number of issues and gives me a lot of hope – recent years have been very tough – like walking through treacle in in a fog …but now the way seems clearer.

MB, Bangkok, Thailand

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