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Note: Yes, I know that Clinton was also an associate of Epstein. I attempted to give equal time by inserting a photo of Epstein and Clinton, but was unable to find one. I believe that ALL criminals connected to this case should be prosecuted. 

Jeffrey Epstein is a financial adviser to billionaires who began his career as a physics and calculus professor before moving on to finance.  He was arrested in New York on Saturday on charges of sex trafficking of children* after new complainants emerged in the district of New York, resulting in the sealed files from the Florida trial and plea deal to be unsealed.

This case more than any other in recent memory (other than perhaps the Harvey Weinstein story) exemplifies the ability of the rich and powerful to get away with crimes against the weak and unrepresented.  The astrology of this time vividly tells the story, with Saturn (tests and challenges) conjunct Pluto (power and secrets), both in the sign of Capricorn (the structures of society).  Back in April I wrote:

Saturn (tests and challenges) and Pluto (creative destruction) are at their closest point now until they collide in their official conjunction in January of 2020.  The combination of these two planets generally denotes a destructive force that can clear the path of any debris that is interfering with the natural movement of the Universe towards balance.  This has the potential to be a positive force, but it is also associated with contraction and challenge, especially now since both planets are in the contracting sign of Capricorn. They are aligned with the South Node of the past, denoting that some karmic cleanup is bound to occur.

The chickens are coming home to roost.  There are a great many chickens roosting in this particular horror of a scandal, including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump (who though he says now that he barely knew Epstein, was photographed with him multiple times, always with beautiful young girls and women).  Clinton took at least 26 trips on Epstein’s private plane, christened the “Lolita Express,” and at least five without secret service accompaniment according to flight records (source: multiple media outlets).

Saturn and Pluto haven’t even officially collided yet – that won’t happen until January of 2020.  But another interesting factor is the osculating effect of the Black Moon Lilith which has been weaving her way around both Saturn and Pluto since 2017.  The Black Moon Lilith is associated with a primal rage against the patriarchy – most significantly in the charts of women, but also in men who, when BML is prominent in their charts, tend to be drawn to women with a strong Black Moon Lilith.  BML has proven to be prominent in the charts of many of the notable figures of the movement, including Asia Argento and Rose McGowan.

The Black Moon Lilith has an osculating orbit – she goes back and forth and spends more time in some signs than in others.  She first moved into Capricorn in late 2017, transiting Saturn and setting off the emergence of the Me Too movement into mass consciousness with the arrest of Harvey Weinstein in November 2017.  Saturn and BML remained intertwined through January, and then in February she moved quickly into the arms of Pluto.  Where Saturn is the planet that tests and challenges us, Pluto forces us to face the hard truths and often reveals the secrets that have hidden under the rocks and in dark places.  Once BML and Pluto joined forces, Me Too flooded into the public consciousness with a vengeance.   In 2020, the Black Moon Lilith will face off against Pluto in a challenging square and THAT ought to be interesting.

But let’s get back to Mr. Epstein.  He apparently began his recruitment of young girls between 2001 and 2005, a period which coincides with a challenging square from Pluto to his natal Venus/Mars conjunction which is in sensitive Pisces.  This kind of Pluto transit can bring out all kinds of latent darkness – someone I know found BDSM porn on her husband’s computer under a transit like this.  Epstein appears to have been a pretty amazing figure in his earlier career, according to this article from 2002.  He is described as a secretive figure, which makes me wonder if he has Scorpio rising.  Scorpio is famous for not wanting to be revealed, and also for trafficking in power.  An interview from 2011 in Vanity Fair said of him:

“Let’s play chess,” he said to me, after refusing to give an interview for this article. “You be white. You get the first move.” It was an appropriate metaphor for a man who seems to feel he can win no matter what the advantage of the other side. His advantage is that no one really seems to know him or his history completely or what his arsenal actually consists of. He has carefully engineered it so that he remains one of the few truly baffling mysteries among New York’s moneyed world. People know snippets, but few know the whole.

Of course this happens on the day that Mercury stations retrograde – an opportunity for a do-over and for over 80 women to get their day in court.  In any case, it will be interesting to see what happens from here.  (Geeky astrological detail: Jupiter is in Sagittarius now and completing a challenging square to Neptune in Pisces – Jupiter rules both Sagittarius and Pisces and is connected to legal matters as well as hunting down the truth).  By December, Saturn and Pluto will be back in kissing range and by March and April Jupiter will be in there too.  Economic markets are likely to contract by then, and I suspect we will see quite a bit of power figures fall from their shaky pedestals.

* Many news outlets are calling the victims of Epstein’s crimes “underage women” – I agree with the statement that underage women are children, and we should call them such rather than offer euphemisms that minimize the nature of the crimes.

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