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Amy Klobuchar is now third in the CNN poll of Democratic candidates in New Hampshire.  Unlike the other candidates, Klobuchar doesn’t really have a “hook.”  Bernie is Bernie.  Warren “has a plan for that.”  Biden is “Uncle Joe.”  Yang offers Universal Income, and Buttigieg is “Mayor Pete.”  Ms. Klobuchar doesn’t seem to have a hook like this, other than she is running as a moderate centrist.

We are fortunate to have a birth certificate time for Ms. Klobuchar (thank you Astro.com!) so that we can create an accurate birth chart.  From this we can see that she was born under a New Moon, with the Sun and Moon conjunct in Gemini.  New Moon people are changemakers – they were born at the beginning of a new lunar phase and they are ready to wipe the slate clean.  We saw this with Queen Victoria, another politician with the New Moon in Gemini who single handedly erased the shame of the loss of the American colonies and presided over the greatest expansion of Empire the world had ever seen.

I’m not saying that Ms. Klobuchar has that kind of potential, but the enthusiasm and electricity of the New Moon personality is not to be denied.  The double Gemini influence carries a sharp intellect and consistent good humor, but also there can be a tendency towards the superficial and a changeability that is not well suited for political office (not to say a Gemini personality cannot win the office, as we can see from its current occupant who was born with the Sun in Gemini under an eclipse).  A challenging square from Pluto to the Sun/Moon conjunction which suggests an early life of challenge and adversity and it’s no secret that Ms. Klobuchar’s father was a serious alcoholic. But this kind of square aspect from Pluto to either the Sun or Moon, much less both, is an aspect that will either cause self-destruction (i.e. Michael Jackson), or instill a powerful strength of character which is the route that Ms. Klobuchar appears to have taken.

Ms. Klobuchar’s interviews about her family have minimized any trauma her early life may have caused, but the natal chart, with Chiron (emotional wounding) in a challenging square to the Sun and Moon, and a stressful opposition to Pluto, tells a different story.  The story told by the chart is that of drama and abuse, and the wounded experience of abandonment.  Ms. Klobuchar’s sister Beth left the family and changed her name, and a stepsister, living with Amy’s father and his second wife, was found drowned in the Mississippi River in 2010.  News reports say the family said she must have gone for a swim, but that seems unlikely.

We may look to her Aquarius ascendant for a detachment and clarity of thinking that may have served her well in her journey to overcome a difficult childhood, and her Aries Mars gives her the directness and aggressive force that has fueled rumors that she is a very difficult boss.  Still, this kind of force and courage is not a bad thing in a Supreme Commander of a powerful nation.

Ms. Klobuchar actually has three planets in their signs of rulership where they are most powerful: Mars (assertiveness) in Aries, Mercury (communication) in Gemini, and Venus (relating) in Taurus.  This gives her a more integrated personality and suggests that these three attributes are her biggest allies.

With very little water in her chart, she lacks sentimentality and perhaps the compassion of some other candidates, and it’s interesting to me that she is currently in a progressed New Moon in Leo (culminated in December 2019).  This begins a new 30-year cycle in the sign of self-exploration and potential celebrity.  We also see her progressed Midheaven (the evolving point of vocation and our impact in the outer world) nearing a conjunction to her natal Pallas, an asteroid of significance and important events. This progression will not culminate until 2021, but it does suggest that sometime in the next year or so there could be a critical event in her life that will shape her destiny.

I find it difficult to believe that she would win the Presidency simply because there is so little excitement around her candidacy.  Americans, with Sagittarius rising in the US chart, prefer a candidate with some pizazz or charisma, and they are not finding it in Ms. Klobuchar no matter how qualified she is.  There is also, sadly, a fair amount of evidence suggesting that Americans of either party may not be ready to elect a woman.  Still, she has proven endurance and made it successfully through her Saturn Return last year, and her planetary cycles for the spring primary season look good.  Though she may not have the charisma and popularity required to be elected President, perhaps she will make it onto the ticket as Vice President.

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