Betty White has had one of the longest running careers in show business.  Her career began just after her high school graduation, and she had her first radio show before she was 20.  She was the star of the long-running television program The Golden Girls, and was a supporting actor in many television programs and films.

Recently though her career seems to have exploded.  Since 2009 she has appeared in three films, and she recently became the oldest living person to host Saturday Night Live after a Facebook group demanding her appearance exceeded 500,000 members.  She now has her own television program, a calendar, and her own clothing line.

This explosion began in the months leading up to the transition of her progressed Venus (attraction, love, affection) over her Midheaven (career point) in early 2009.  (Data source: Astrodatabank.)  Her natal chart shows an interesting combination of a Leo ascendant which craves recognition and authority and also bestows good humor and wit, with a conjunction of the Sun and Venus in achievement-oriented Capricorn.  The Sun/Venus conjunction gives her a tremendously likeable nature, and it is squared by Jupiter which suggests that she can be lucky, but somewhat careless with that luck.  However, the Capricorn influence inspires a strong work ethic and an ability to work hard and focus her energy towards her goals.

The Sun and Venus are both in the sixth house, along with Mercury.  The sixth house represents our work environment and everyday life, but traditionally it also rules “master/servant” relationships and small animals.  Those with Venus in the sixth house have a love of animals that is reflected in Ms. White’s embrace of animal charities.

Little is known about Ms. White’s childhood, but it would appear that life has not been completely easy for her – with a challenging square from Saturn to Pluto she has had her share of hardships.  But the Capricorn influence, combined with a passionate Mars in the powerful sign of Scorpio which trines Pluto, planet of power, she has the strength (Pluto) and focus (Mars/Pluto) required to be a success in life.

Uranus sits in her seventh house of marriage and partnership, and while she was married three times the third, to Alan Ludden, appears to have been a charm and lasted nearly twenty years.

Ms. White will go through her third Saturn Return in a few weeks.  The Saturn Return cycle marks our passage through the various stages of life, from the first at age 29 into adulthood, through the second at age 58 into maturity.  The third Saturn Return, at age 89, is not experienced by many and is often associated with transition out of life, either on the physical plane or through an awareness and embrace of the passage of time.  In any case, all Saturn Returns have the potential for great achievement and for Betty White, it is clear that her amazing career has plenty of life left!

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