Jeffrey posted a link to a post on a new astrology blog by Twilight analyzing her motivation in writing about astrology. Jeffrey has made this a “meme,” which I suppose is a dare for bloggers (“I dare you to expose yourself the way I have done”). Anyway, it’s an interesting supposition and I invite you to witness a rare exposition of Jeffrey’s inner workings and I’ll take him up on the meme/dare.

As Twilight writes,

Mercury must be the foremost influence in blogging, as in any form of writing and communication in general. We all have Mercury somewhere in our charts, but those with Mercury aspected by Saturn and/or positioned close to one of the angles would be more inclined to enjoy writing. Mercury will come through loud and clear in Gemini, Virgo, or in 3rd, 11th, or 7th houses where he feels “at home” but that in itself might not incline a person to writing, especially writing a blog. There is need for a certain amount of Saturnian discipline to sit at the computer and write on a regular basis, with no incentive other than the love of doing it, or the satisfaction of receiving comments.

I have a fair amount of Mercury/Gemini in my chart: Gemini rising, Moon/Pluto conjunct in the 3rd house and Mercury in Scorpio – a “double whammy” emphatically linking Mercury (communication) and Pluto/Scorpio (intensity). For me astrology blogging is all about probing (Pluto/Scorpio) under the surface to see what lies there and how everything is connected. Mercury in the sixth house (service, work environment and day-to-day life) tends to like to be helpful, and I very much like that the blog seems to be helpful and useful to the people who read it (my Venus is there as well). In the sixth house I like the daily ritual of writing every morning, and my 3rd house Leo enjoys the fact that people are reading what I write.

I’ll tag a few others for this: Phil, Dharma, Jude and Barbara.

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