Casey Anthony verdictAny time the public is swept into hysteria over a sensationalized media frenzy I tend to back away from it unless I want to use it as a magnet to attract traffic to the blog.  I believe that this kind of obsessive attention to other people’s business serves as a distraction from the important matters that require our attention.  To me  it’s the same thing as drivers who cause traffic tie-ups for miles as they slow down to observe a grisly accident and I find it annoying.

But I’ve had so many emails about this trial, and while I’m not going to spend a long time researching the ins and outs of the trial there ARE some interesting things about Casey Anthony’s chart that suggests that she might have had the capacity to commit an act like this.

There is an unverified birth time floating around on the web that seems to have originated with this blogger.  I’ve emailed her for the source of this birth time and will post an update if I receive one.  Meanwhile it’s risky to speculate on birth times so I’ve used a noon chart.  Here’s the link if you’d like to take a look.

Casey’s Sun is in Pisces which is a sign that tends to be easily led.  Pisces is all about the experience of flow, and there is rarely the kind of determination that you find in other signs unless there is a strong earth element elsewhere in the chart which Casey doesn’t have. In fact, she has no earth other than Neptune which is a generational planet and doesn’t add any earth to the elemental balance of her personality.  She also has Mercury in Pisces, so the flow of her thoughts and ideas leads her towards storytelling and imagination but again – impractical.  And Jupiter is in Pisces, increasing and expanding her desire for escapism and addictive behavior.

Her Mars is in Sagittarius which has been called the “don’t fence me in” placement of Mars.  The Sagittarian longing for freedom and adventure becomes even stronger when it combines with her Uranus in Sagittarius which brings in a rebellious streak and a disdain for convention.  There is very little in her chart that is focused or seeks any kind of achievement.

Her Cancer Moon shows how sensitive and touchy she is emotionally, and that Moon is opposite Neptune which enhances the Pisces/Neptune theme even more.  It is likely easy for her to become lost in her imaginations of what her life is about, rather than experiencing it for what it is at any given time.

Casey Anthony must have been in significant emotional distress for much of her life with an opposition from Chiron to Saturn which generally reveals a personality which is predisposed to emotional sensitivity.  But her Moon is in a Grand Trine that includes Jupiter and Pluto which helps to facilitate a sense that “whatever I do is for the highest good of all.”

I suspect that her problems began in 2007 when transiting Pluto began squaring her natal Sun.  Under this influence we can become obsessive and think about death quite a bit.  At the time little Caylee disappeared, transiting Uranus was in a square formation to the Mars/Uranus system in Casey’s chart that would have had the effect of intensifying her desire to be free of any encumbrances.  Transiting Saturn was squaring her natal Saturn and also Chiron, which would have brought up old unresolved wounds and emotional problems.

At the same time she had quite a few transits of Jupiter that would have increased her confidence to perform acts that in other situations she might not have considered.  According to Psychology Today, a former defense attorney described Casey’s mood at the time of her arrest as both depressed and manic, a diagnosis which fits perfectly the astrological significators.

It’s a sad situation all around.  But let’s get back to our own reality now.

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