The case for the fight against global warming took a blog in late November when a hacker stole more than 1,000 emails and 3,000 other documents from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.  The unidentified hacker then uploaded a copy of the documents to the Real Climate website on November 17.
At the time, Saturn was in an exact square (90 degree angle) to Pluto.  Saturn regulates the establishment, and Pluto is the Great Transformer so when these two are in conflict, there is general an upheaval in the established order of things.  In its role as Lord of the Underworld, Pluto is also the revealer of secrets and anything that has been buried.
At one time “global warming” was the radical idea, but over the past ten years the concept that the earth is warming and that humans have something to do with it has taken hold and is the prevailing theory in scientific research.  So in this instance, the global warming theory is represented by Saturn, and here comes Pluto to upset the applecart and create conflict among scientists.
The story really took hold around November 20th, with Mars (in Leo, where the assertive energy of Mars gets to be even more inspired and grand in its gestures) in a close square to both Venus, goddess of human relations, and Ceres, goddess of the Earth.  Mars/Venus squares often signify conflicts in our interpersonal relations.  Ceres is an Earth goddess, but more than that she represents the relationship between the Earth and human sustenance.  There is a sense with this aspect of an aggressive (Mars) rush to protect the Earth (Ceres) and her resources, regardless of any need to protect harmony (Venus) in the research field.
On November 22nd the Sun entered Sagittarius, the sign of philosophy and expanded ideas, and the research community struck back against the charges of conspiracy.
On December 1, as Uranus (science and technology, radical ideas) stationed (stood still) before changing direction, the director of the hacked research unit stepped down from his post until the completion of the investigation.  There is a suggestion here of a change of perspective, and the opportunity for new ideas (Uranus) to enter the field of climate research.
On December 3, the day that Uranus changed direction (turning direct from its retrograde passage), the chairman of the UN Panel on Climate Change announced that it will conduct an independent investigation into the climate email case.
At the same time, Jupiter (search for meaning) moved into alignment with Chiron (healing of old wounds) and that conjunction peaks today just as the conference on climate change in Copenhagen begins.
When I am looking at the chart of a client trying to figure out the nature of the experiences he or she is going through, the planets tell the story.  Planetary cycles create problems when things in our life are out of balance.  In this case, it appears that the case for global warming is off track and needs to be adjusted.  First we have Saturn and Pluto creating the necessary upheaval so that a complete reformation can take place.  Then we have Uranus changing direction and breathing some fresh air into the argument.  And finally, Jupiter and Chiron seeking to resolve the disputes of the past and create real change that will heal the problems of the planet.
We would all like to think that being “right” is better than being “wrong.”  But in the end, it is the Truth that counts.
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