bulls-bearsThe other day I wrote about the push and pull between the expansiveness of Jupiter merged with the detailed practicality of Virgo (Jupiter is currently in Virgo) that coincides with the transit of Saturn (structure and cold hard reality) through Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius (expansive optimism).  The collision of our dreams and fantasies with the real world is not always easy and we are seeing this kind of roiling in the financial markets today.

Of course there are economic realities apart from the astrology that are affecting the markets: primarily the fact that with interest rates approaching zero there are few other places for investors to put their money.  There is also the fact that the “quantitative easing” has flooded the market with cash to artificially inflate the situation.  And it doesn’t help that the Fed has not clarified whether or not to raise interest rates.

Still, the astrological backdrop made the current upheaval in the market easy to product.  The summer Venus (representing our values and wealth as well as love and relationships)  retrograde began a shift from the rather robust optimism to a reconsideration of the realities on the ground.  Now we have Mercury retrograde as well as a Jupiter (optimism) opposition to Neptune (fantasy) that refuses to see things as they really are but rather prefers the world of ideals and magic.

Underlying these more fleeting influences is the fact that Pluto is still in the responsible sign of Capricorn where fluff is not tolerated and restriction becomes the rule rather than the exception.  As long as Pluto remains in Capricorn (through 2023) it will be crucial to keep our eyes open and not be swayed by fantastic claims that appear too good to be true.

Ray Merriman, noted financial astrologer, reports on the long view:

It is not a stable world we live in. Vast transformative energies are underway. And these transformative energies are reflected in the dramatic turns – booms and busts – of financial markets. But through it all, the renaissance of 1940 – 2040, exemplified by the 500-year celestial pattern of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, continues to unfold. To say we live in “interesting times” is an understatement. I cannot think of a more dynamic time to live in than this. After all, everything is changing, and we have the opportunity to be co-creators of what this world will become. The birthing process (1940-2040) is still underway. The future is not yet fixed. Choices can still be made, and the result will still be the consequences of those choices under these historic geocosmic cycles.

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I am not a financial adviser or qualified to give financial advice, but it’s clear that under these planetary influences investing in solid companies with growth potential and financial stability will be a better bet than following mass psychology and buying fads and empty dreams.

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