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Dr. Anthony Fauci has become, for many, the most reliable face of the Coronavirus pandemic in the US – the trusted family doctor to whom we look for answers.  Dr. Fauci has a long career as an immunologist, having served on a national level since joining the National Institutes of Health in 1968.  But for many, his most remarkable achievement has been serving a president who has not always been able to sustain long-term relationships with his staff and associates.

Dr. Fauci (born December 24, 1940, time unknown) has the Sun in Capricorn, a signature of a personality dedicated to hard work and achievement.  His Sun is harmonized by a trine to both (expansion) which denotes great confidence, and Saturn (restriction) which encourages the hard work and discipline of the Capricorn Sun.  This in itself is a great cocktail for success.  Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct, however, so the expansive qualities of Jupiter and the self-criticism of Saturn are always in conflict, especially in a young individual.  This is especially true of Dr. Fauci because Jupiter and Saturn oppose his Scorpio Moon, leading to potential isolation and feelings of loss.  In addition, his Moon is squared by both Pluto (destruction and regeneration) and Chiron (wounding and healing), and these two planets of crisis and renewal also form a challenging square to Jupiter and Saturn.  And then Mars (drive and desire) is also strongly placed in its own sign of Scorpio, a position of power and influence, opposed by Uranus the rebel.  Fauci is not and could not be a “Yes Man” – he is wired to forge his own way and speak his own truth, something which likely led to his voluminous research (the Institute for Scientific Research states that he is the 13th most cited researcher out of 3 million scientists).

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These challenges tend to lessen over time as we age and begin to embrace the conflicts inherent in our personality, at which point they can begin to become our strengths if we learn to work WITH these conflicts rather than pit them against each other. This T-square as it’s called is all in the fixed signs of power because of the stubborn tenacity with which they imbue the personality, potentially bestowing the individual with resilience to confront challenges in life and even transform those difficulties into personal power and achievement.  (It should be noted that these same planetary dynamics, depending on the person, could also denote an individual who holds onto grudges and is unable to forgive or move forward in life).

We don’t know Dr. Fauci’s ascendant (rising sign) because we don’t have a time of birth for him [note for astrologers: I’ve used a noon chart which places the Sun on the ascendant],but the fact that as a short man about 5’7″ he was the captain of his high school basketball team says a great deal about his inner strength and resolve, something that I’ll attribute to the plethora of fixed signs in his chart.  His high school teammates report that he was “known for refusing to give up, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.”  His Mercury (mind and information) is in optimistic Sagittarius which has a tendency to look for the opportunity and see a glass as half full, and this in addition to Venus (relating) in Sagittarius probably helps to fuel his daily runs (even at the age of 79 he ran long distances every day until the current pandemic crisis).

It’s difficult to predict how long Dr. Fauci will last in his current situation in the White House Coronavirus task force.  This kind of personality will not be willing to bend his ideals to suit an agenda in which he does not believe, and this particular White House demands a kind of loyalty that Dr. Fauci may not care to assert.  Trump’s Sagittarius Moon conjoins Fauci’s Mercury, so there is a sort of simpatico understanding between them.  But Trump’s Leo Mars and Ascendant is locked in a challenging square to Fauci’s Mars in Scorpio.  Neither Leo nor Scorpio, both fixed signs, will back down from a fight.  On the other hand, Trump’s Saturn (criticism and judgment) is in a harmonious trine to Fauci’s Scorpio Mars which can be a very productive combination.  On the whole, though, there are no real linkages between the two men which would enable them to sustain a long term partnership.  Perhaps, though, they will be able to sustain a partnership of long enough duration to forge a way through the current crisis.

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