Dr Laura SchlessingerDr Laura Schlessinger is no stranger to controversy. She has called homosexuality a “biological error,” and compared gay parents to pedophiles.  While she has stated publicly her belief that marriage is a sacrament between a man and a woman, she had an affair with her first boss when she began in the radio business.

This week Dr. Laura announced that she would leave her radio program after repeatedly dropping the “N-bomb” eleven times in a discussion with a black caller to her show (transcript here) and today she announced that she is leaving radio for good, saying she wants “her first amendment rights back.”

With the Sun conjunct Mars (aggression) in the serious and somewhat dour Capricorn, it’s no wonder Dr. Laura (born 1/16/1947, time unknown, New York is so certain that she is always right.  Capricorn is the planet of rules and following social conventions and Mercury is in that sign as well.  Mars energizes and stokes the fire of her personality and adds an aggressive note to her manner of communication (Mercury).

Ramping up the intensity even more, her passionate and power-seeking Scorpio Moon is conjunct Jupiter, the planet of confidence and arrogance.  The power motif continues in a conjunction of Saturn, the ruler of her Sun,  to Pluto representing the power of death and rebirth to transform.

It’s interesting that Uranus is unaspected in her chart – it operates independently and autonomously which is perfect for the planet of independence and rebellion.  Like Rush Limbaugh, she is a rebel (unaspected Uranus) within the confines of the conservative social structures (Sun/Mars/Mercury in Capricorn).

The very week that Dr. Laura dropped the N bomb on her show and now announces her retirement from radio, transiting Uranus has retrograded back over her progressed Sun. This is a planetary cycle that can create a somewhat reckless need to break up the status quo and achieve liberation of some kind.  We don’t have her time of birth so we don’t know the exact placement of her  Moon, but it is very likely that her progressed Moon is opposite Mars sometime between last week and next week, exacerbating the expression of her frustration and desire to break free of any shackles.

Dr. Laura says she has been considering retirement for some time, and in fairness she did apologize immediately for her remarks which she said were inappropriate.  But with a big Uranus transit going on, it’s not surprising that she decided that she’s ready to move on to something else.


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