Many writers, including me, have expressed concern over the presence of major and challenging planetary cycles occurring on Election Day.  However, we have primarily looked at the astrology of the day with a broad brush approach.  If we zoom in a little closer we see a very nice combination of aspects.

Today, leading up to the election the Moon is in Capricorn, heading towards a conjunction to Jupiter.  There will be a sense of responsiblity and duty with the Moon in Capricorn, and the combination with Jupiter suggests that an overarching feeling of optimism will take over, particularly towards 6:00 pm when the Moon/Jupiter conjunction is at its peak.

The conjunction of the Moon to Jupiter in Capricorn makes a trine to Saturn in Virgo and a sextile to Uranus in Pisces.  These are harmonious aspects, which suggest that the optimism and positivity of the Moon/Jupiter combination will soften the potentially disruptive effect of the Saturn/Uranus opposition in which the structures of our world (Saturn) are challenged by the need of Uranus to effect change where change is needed.

Another aspect of concern on Election Day has been a square from Mars to Neptune which is particularly interesting because Mars squares Neptune in the US chart.  Neptune erodes the power of Mars and sends its energy underground where it can erupt in weird ways – Neptune confuses the issues and deception can run rampant.  However, the current square from Mars to Neptune interacts with the square in the US chart with a combination of harmonious and challenging aspects.  (Warning:  Geeky astrological details ahead. Mars on Election Day is at 21 Scorpio where it forms a nearly exact sextile to Neptune in the US chart and an exact quincunx to Mars in the US chart, and Neptune on Election Day is at 21 Aquarius where it forms an exact trine to Mars in the US chart and quincunx to the US Neptune)

Many astrologers have expressed concern about the change of direction of Neptune just days before the election as an event that would bring deception.  This is a very simplistic way of looking at Neptune’s effect.  When traveling retrograde (meaning it appears to be moving backwards from our perspective on earth), Neptune encourages us to leave our logic behind and work from instinct – to become more attuned with the subtler aspects of our life and to attain an experience of the divine.  If we are not walking the higher path of Neptune, it’s true that we will encounter its lower path which is deception and illusion. Neptune is more powerful now, which can serve us for good or for ill.  We are more prone to deception and not seeing things clearly, but we are also more idealistic and better able to envision the future of the world in which we live.  The fact that Neptune is squared to Mars at this time accentuates this  and makes it even more important that we see clearly with our true Heart, and not just with our fantasies and illusions.

Stressful aspects are difficult but they inspire change; harmonious aspects promote ease but also complacency.  A combination like this is ideal because the harmonious aspects facilitate and lubricate the adjustment and transformation that the challenging aspects require.

The Scorpio Sun on Election Day forms a trine to the Cancer Sun in the US chart, offering an opportunity for the soul of the nation to shine and become illuminated.  We don’t usually notice these short-lived planetary cycles, particularly when they are of the harmonious variety, but in an electional chart the trine of the Sun to the Sun is very significant and favorable. The Sun in a national chart also represents its leader, or figurehead so this is a very beneficial planetary event for Election Day.

We also see Venus making an exact trine to Chiron in the US chart.  The US Chiron is in Aries the fourth house, the house that represents the affairs of the populace and the national pride.  The United States is famously a melting pot, and since its inception we have seen an influx of people from Africa, Asia, Europe, Indigenous Americans – all longing to feel at home and safe (fourth house) in their new country.  But this has been a painful (Chiron) battle that has required violent confrontation (Aries) which is still going on as evidenced by the voice of Sarah Palin telling white voters in the Heartland of the country that only THEY are the Real Americans.  The trine of Venus to this sensitive point may show the potential for healing of these wounds on Election Day.

Still, we do have some planetary aspects of uncertainty.  Mercury changes signs at about 11:30 am Eastern that day from Libra where there is more of a collaborative process, to Scorpio where our opinions intensify and harden.  This could signify that some people will decide not to vote.  It also suggests that ballots (Mercury) could become lost (Scorpio) leading to voting problems.

Overall though, it’s not as bad as you might have heard so don’t drink the doom and gloom Kool Aid.  There is tremendous potential for evolution here.  Seize the day!  And don’t forget to vote.

Thanks to Jill for this video in support of Barack Obama.

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