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My original plan was to continue profiling the candidates (see other posts in the series here) in their polling order, and I frankly didn’t think Marianne Williamson would stay in the race as long as she has.  But she continues to raise money and attract voters to her events and she has said that she will continue her run for the presidency.

Williamson is an unlikely presidential candidate, which is what makes her interesting.  After a youth spent, as she says,  “mired in a series of unhappy love affairs, alcohol and drug abuse, a nervous breakdown, and endless sessions with therapists,” she discovered the book A Course in Miracles and became a spiritual teacher.  She has written 13 books and was a favorite of Oprah.

Williamson’s chart shows a heavy emphasis in the sign of Cancer, with Sun, Venus and Uranus all conjunct in that sign which is focused on family and tribe.  Cancerians tend to feel the troubles of the world more deeply than most, and a strong desire to help others runs through the archetype of Cancer.  Her Cancer planets form a challenging square to Neptune, suggesting early challenges in forging an identity and a high level of creativity combined with a tendency to be more idealistic than realistic.

We are fortunate to have a birthtime for her which reveals an ascendant (rising sign) in Gemini.  The ascendant describes the way in which we move through the world, which is different from the Sun which tends to show instead the individual’s personal quest.  Those with Gemini rising (like me!)often find it difficult to focus on any one thing, and we can see this with Williamson’s personal history.  Her Wikipedia page includes over ten different vocations which she has pursued, including pastor, author, and a large number of nonprofit ventures.

She has demonstrated a deep passion for causes that are meaningful to her and has been demonized at times for an explosive temper, something that we can see in her chart where Mars (aggression) is in Scorpio, the sign of power.  Mars in Scorpio people are charismatic and have a strong need to win, and in her chart Mars is in a challenging square to Mercury in Leo, a speaker who can command the attention of others, and who can be quite stubborn in one’s opinions.  Williamson also has a challenging square from Jupiter to Pluto, a planetary combination which can be somewhat self-righteous with a deep conviction that one is right about most things.  I myself have this aspect in my own chart, and my mother used to say about me “when she’s right she’s right, and when she’s not she’s sure.”

Williamson is a Full Moon personality, with the Moon in Capricorn which has tremendous staying power and a strong need to build something lasting and have an impact in the world.  Those born under a Full Moon typically have a need to live a life that is larger than that of most people, and they often leave a mark on the world.

Williamson first ran for office in 2014 when, under a series of expansive and confidence-building Jupiter transits, she made an unsuccessful attempt to run as a state representative from California.  Williamson’s brand of new age philosophy and religion, which resonates with many of my readers, may be more at home in the environment of the urban areas of California than in the heartland of the US.

It seems unlikely that Williamson will achieve success in this presidential run, particularly since she was unable to qualify for the next presidential debate.  I don’t see anything particularly compelling in the astrology, and do not anticipate that she will have any real impact (with apologies to my readers who are fans!

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