by Lynn Hayes.  Simone Biles, widely acclaimed as one of the world’s greatest gymnasts with 25 world titles, more than any other competitor (source: Wikipedia), recently made history by withdrawing from competition in the 2020 Olympics which were held in 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Ms. Biles had an attack of the “twisties” – a sense of disorientation and resulting inability to perform complex maneuvers.  (Disclaimer: I know virtually nothing about gymnastics, nor did I follow the Olympics so this analysis is purely astrological and I make no claim to be able to judge her performance.)

Ms. Biles (3/14/1997, Columbus Ohio, time unknown) was born with the Sun in Pisces, imaginative and creative, but also extremely sensitive and intuitive.  She has three planets in that sign including Venus (relating) and Mercury (mind and mental function).  Pisces people tend not to want to rock the boat and prefer the easy path of peace.  Her Sun/Mercury conjunction suggests a brilliant mind, and her Moon is in Mercury ruled Gemini which craves change and is easily bored.  I imagined that Ms. Biles is quite good at visualizing the outcome, and a google search turned up this article which cites “Mental training and visualization” as her training secret. This fits perfectly into the Mercury/Gemini mental acuity combined with the Piscean creativity.

Ms. Biles was born in 1997, making her one of the Pluto in Sagittarius generation (1995-2008) which is also called Gen Z.  This generation seeks the adventure and optimistic approach to life of Sagittarius, but Pluto in any sign suggests a somewhat obsessive approach to the matters of that sign.  Sagittarius is associated with media of all kinds including social media, and this generation is famous for a compulsive use of social media. (You can read more about the astrology of Gen Z here.). Pluto opposes her Moon which sometimes suggests damage to one’s sense of safety in the world.  Ms. Biles was a survivor of the abuse of Larry Nassar, a trusted mentor, which she revealed in January 2018.

Mars is important in the charts of athletes, and Ms. Biles’ Mars is in the hard working sign of Virgo, forming a trine to Neptune for even more of a creative boost.  There is very little sense of ego orientation here – no planets in fire other than Saturn in Aries, which actually shows that self-assertion (Aries) is an issue to be worked on.  Her Mars, the planet of assertiveness, is retrograde which suggests difficulty in that area. Her chart speaks of the hard work of Virgo, the self-induced pressure of Saturn in Aries and the creative visualization of Pisces and Neptune, combined with a mental focus.

So what happened to her last week at the Olympics to cause her to get the twisties and drop out of competition?  She first posted of her mental stress on July 27th, but it likely began much earlier.  Saturn and Uranus have been in a square formation in the sky, and this has been setting off her natal conjunction of Jupiter (optimism and expansion) to Uranus (radical change).  The square aspect from transiting Uranus to natal Uranus occurs for everyone around age 21-23 and marks a questioning of what we are doing with our life.  When you add in the Saturn component of tests and challenges beginning in February 2021, it becomes a more complex cycle that would have started with the first phase of the Uranus square back in May 2020 and continuing through two more direct hits.

Uranus has an energetic component: it can stimulate anxiety and feel destabilizing, and a long period of Uranian activity without sufficient rest and moderation can lead to a breakdown of some sort.  We don’t know exactly where her Moon is because we don’t have a birth time, but at some point in the past year or two she had a progressed New Moon in Aries, the sign of self-initiation.  This is an energy lacking in her natal chart, and it will have been a big help in her taking charge of her future and her destiny. ❤️

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