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I actually started this post a month ago when there were twelve candidates and it was a bit overwhelming.  Then the choice narrowed down to a more manageable number, but there was still always a possibility that there would be a wild card option that would come out at the last minute and all my work would be for naught.

I believe that Susan Rice (born 11/17/64, time unknown) was likely Biden’s favorite option for his vice president.  – if she’s born after noon her Moon conjoins Joe’s Moon which forms a sympathetic bond.  Her Sun conjoins his Sun and his Venus for great affection, and her Mercury conjoins his Sun suggesting that she understands him easily.  His Mars is in Scorpio and hers is in Virgo so she would aquiesce and not confront him.  She would have been the more comfortable choice for him, and I suspect that is why the decision took so long (other than, of course, the summer of retrogrades!!).

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You may remember that Kamala Harris was my choice for president so I am unabashedly enthusiastic with this decision.  I don’t usually like to express my bias in political posts, but to me she represents the exact balance of  diversity (Tamil Indian, Afro-Jamaican – American), intelligence, pragmatism, and charm that is needed right now in this political climate. As VP candidate she will likely be the nominee for president in 2024 which will mark the end of the US Pluto return so the choice of vice president is more critical now than ever.

If you missed my post on Kamala Harris you can find it here, and here is my profile of Joe Biden.

With Sagittarius rising, Joe Biden easily comes across as “Uncle Joe,” the kindly uncle that everyone loves and forgives for his gaffes and misstatements.  Underneath the jovial exterior, though, he is a tough and powerful character with four planets in Scorpio.  Scorpio is famous for holding a grudge, and it’s not likely that he has forgotten the barbs that Kamala Harris delivered with the classic Libran velvet glove during the presidential debates.  Harris has only Mercury in Scorpio, reflecting her intense style (Scorpio) of communication (Mercury) which accounts for the power of those barbs.  But while her chart has a fiery cast to it, with the Aries Moon in a trine to Leo Mars, there isn’t a suggestion that she is normally prone to power struggles.  However, her Mars in Leo challenges Biden’s Scorpio planets which is likely to cause him to lash out from time to time. In addition, there are not many harmonious alignments between their charts which would facilitate the kind of easy rapport that Biden had with Obama.  However, Harris’s Libra Sun and Gemini ascendant give her the fluidity to be able to accommodate a variety of situations, and I believe that she will be able to work within the constraints of her position rather than attempt to overshadow Biden’s presidency.

This has been an interesting year for Harris astrologically.  Transiting Jupiter (good fortune) has been in a harmonious trine to her natal Jupiter, which is an expansive and often lucky planetary cycle which brings easy opportunities.  However transiting Saturn (hardship and tests) has been in a challenging square to her Sun, which brings obstacles.  We can see this duality clearly reflected in her political journey so far this year!   When transiting Pluto hits Pluto in the US chart (Pluto return) in 2022, it will also align in a challenging square to her natal Sun/Moon opposition (Full Moon) which is somewhat worrying. Transits of Pluto, the planet of destruction and regeneration, can strip away obstacles to empower us, but they can also be debilitating and force us to let go of dreams and ideals which are no longer in the best interest of the evolutionary journey.  The US Pluto Return has the potential of following both of these paths simultaneously, and it will be interesting to see what role Ms. Harris has to play in this.

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