Kim Jong Un astrologyKim Jong Il, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, died  on December 17th leaving his already unstable country in a state of uncertainty.

In 2006 I profiled Kim Jong Il which you can read here.  As I wrote then, there are a lot of different versions of Kim Jong Il’s birthchart floating around because of the mystery surrounding his birthdate. Although his official biography gives his birthdate as February 16, 1942 Soviet records show that he was actually born in 1941 but that his birthdate was later changed so that he would appear to be 50 years of age at the time of his father’s 80th birthday celebration. The noon birthchart that I’ve posted uses the actual birthdate of 1941. This birth data has the lowest Rodden Rating of XX according to Astrodatabank and there’s probably not much point to further investigation.

What would be more interesting would be to profile Kim’s successor, his third son Kim Jong Un.  As with his predecessors his actual year of birth is a mystery.  Various news sources quote “intelligence sources” as giving his date of birth as January 8, 1984 but without verification I am hesitant to use this date since it is little more than rumor at this point.  His official year of birth is 1982 but it is widely thought that this date was assigned because it echoed the official year of birth of his father Kim Jong Il.

Astrologically, the 1982 chart makes more sense than the 1984 chart does.  The 1982 chart has Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra which would make this his Saturn Return, and transiting Saturn would be sitting right on his Pluto right now, a fitting image of his having take new responsibilities (Saturn) in order to assume power (Pluto).  Saturn and Pluto both square his Capricorn Sun, suggesting that he is highly responsible and feels a great deal of pressure to perform.  The Moon is in Gemini in this chart which suggests someone who craves a wide variety of experiences, and it opposes Neptune which sometimes suggests an individual who can be easily deluded and manipulated, especially while young.

In the 1984 chart Saturn and Pluto are both in Scorpio and the Moon is in Pisces which does echo the 1982 Gemini Moon opposition to Neptune since Neptune rules Pisces.  But a Pisces Moon is quite different – it is highly sensitive and “soft.”  We already know that Kim Jong Il eliminated his second son from the succession because he was too soft so it’s difficult to imagine someone with a Pisces Moon as the next Supreme Leader of North Korea.  But the Sun in the 1984 chart is unaspected, a “singleton” Sun, which often indicates an individual who operates on his own and finds it difficult to connect with others.

In any case, since we don’t really know if even the birthtime is correct for now I’d rather focus on the chart for North Korea.  The chart I use is from September 9, 1948 (noon), and we find that transiting Uranus is exactly square to Uranus in the national chart.  Just two days before the death of Kim Jong Il transiting Jupiter was in an exact square to Venus in the national chart, mirroring the release (Jupiter) from a pattern of relating to others in the nation (Venus).  Jupiter will be virtually stationary at that point over the next two months so it will be interesting to see how the various relationships of power in North Korea begin to unwind.  I suspect that there will be a great deal of conflict before that settles into any kind of normalcy.

I’ll report back on any new information we have about the new leader’s date of birth.

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