full flower moon may 2018This month’s Sagittarius Full Moon asks that we dig deep into our hearts to find our adventurous spirit.   Called the “Flower Moon” because in the northern hemisphere, where these names originated, May is the month where flowers reach their maximum bloom, this May Full Moon inspires us to reach beyond the stars into the great unknown to find our place there.

Zodiacal polarities are opposites, with each sign having something that the other lacks.  Gemini wants to take in every single bit of information without discrimination, just for the sake of learning and gaining experience.  Sagittarius, on the other hand, is imbued with a never ending desire to continually expand one’s knowledge and awareness of the outer world.  As polarities go, the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity is about the most harmonious – both signs seek understanding, but in different ways.

I love the image of the “Flower Moon” for the Sagittarius Full Moon – the flowering of wisdom and innate understanding; expanding our goals and dreams beyond what we thought was possible, the never ending search for meaning and truth.  At the full moon our the power of the heart reaches a peak and our subconscious awareness becomes richer and more easily accessible to the conscious mind.

The astrological dynamics of this Sagittarius Full Moon are heavily weighted towards the earth and water elements.  Earth and water are the “yin” elements, motivating security and emotions but not necessarily the action and expansion that the fire of Sagittarius craves.  However, the Full Moon Ruler (Jupiter) is tied into a lovely Grand Trine in water signs (Venus in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces) which aids in the process of expansion on an emotional level.  When we are emotionally balanced, the energy of fiery Sagittarius can soar more freely.

The Full Moon harmonizes in a trine to the North Node that serves as a guidepost to our destiny.  The magic of this Full Moon can assist us in following our dreams into reality.  However, with Saturn in practical Capricorn in an awkward aspect (inconjunct) to the Moon, the scolding voice that urges practicality will need to be attended to in order for the magic to truly occur.

The peak energy of the Full Moon begins a few days before the actual lunation and continues for a few days afterwards.  The period leading up to the Full Moon is perfect for attending to our dreams and wishes; the period just after the Full Moon is good for putting a strategy into place to help us to achieve all that we wish for.



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