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Yesterday I posted about the entry of Mars into the summer’s planetary intensity.  It doesn’t take an astrologer to predict that the “not guilty” verdict in the trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin would erupt into street protests, and the entry of Mars into Cancer and the resulting flareup of angry (Mars) feelings (Cancer) is just a trigger for the tinderbox of tension that is part of the Uranus/Pluto square.  (See the sidebar section on this planetary cycle if you are new to this site.)

Yesterday throngs of people protesting the verdict came out in New York, in Los Angeles, in Portland, in Miami, in Jacksonville, Newark, Oakland, Pittsburgh…  This is likely just the beginning.  As the week goes on and Mars starts to square off more directly with both Uranus (revolution) and Pluto (power structures) expect the reaction to intensify, in both directions.

I wrote about the arrest of Mr. Zimmerman back in 2012. and related the shooting of Trayvon Martin to the astrological chart for the United States.

In order to assess the effect these individuals are having on the evolution of the United States I examined the progressed charts for all of the players using the information available  without accurate birth times.  Trayvon Martin’s progressed Saturn was exactly quincunx the progressed Moon in the US chart, demonstrating the challenge (Saturn)  to the emotions (Moon) of Americans in a struggle that, like the quincunx aspect, has no real way of achieving resolution. Both progressed Mars and Jupiter in Trayvon’s chart are trine Progressed Chiron in the US chart, motivating the desire (Mars) to raise up painful old wounds (Chiron) so that they can be healed and some meaning (Jupiter) found from the situation.  And Trayvon’s progressed Neptune, illusion and mystery, conjoins the US progressed South Node (karmic matters), with his progressed Uranus (shocking events) sitting right on the US Pluto (revelation of secrets and the principle of destruction).

George Zimmerman’s progressed chart also has interesting and potentially significant relationships to the US chart.  In the US progressed chart itself, progressed Sun is in an exact square to progressed Uranus which suggests an event that comes out of the blue to change the country forever.  Zimmerman’s progressed Uranus is exactly opposite the US progressed Uranus and squares the US progressed Sun, suggesting that he is the instrument of this sudden event.  His progressed Pluto is exactly square to the US progressed Pluto, which again ties into the intensity of his connection to a major transformation in the culture of the United States.  And while we don’t know his Moon placement without an accurate birth time, the progressed Moon using a noon time is exactly conjunct US progressed Mars and opposite US progressed Chiron.  It is the workings of his emotional world (his progressed Moon) that is stimulating the necessity of the US to force the healing of old and unspoken wounds as represented by Chiron.

Mercury being retrograde, the Justice Department is examining the case to determine whether a federal case can be made for civil rights violations.  In any case, the murder of Trayvon Martin has brought the subject of race relations and prejudice to the surface of American society where these old wounds have been festering for many years.  We would expect this to occur now, with the US progressed Moon (the soul of the nation) in an exact conjunction to Chiron (the pain of old wounds).  And with Uranus and Pluto transiting those points, there is a revolutionary (Uranus) and transformational (Pluto) drive to force these issues from the underground of society where they have lay dormant, out into the open where they must be faced and managed.

Zimmerman’s Sun is at 11 degrees Libra so it is in a nearly exact opposition to the Moon and Chiron in the US progressed chart.   The murder of Trayvon Martin is more than just an event which pitted a white Hispanic male against an African-American male.  It is nothing less than an archetypal event that symbolizes the core dysfunction in American race relations.

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