has posted its list of the best charities for the Haiti relief effort. Note that Red Cross is not on this list.  My personal preference for disaster charities is either Americares or Oxfam America.
I took a look at the chart for Haiti from my Book of World Horoscopes by Moon Moore, and I’ve posted it here for you to look at if you’re interested.  Moon used midnight for the time of inception, and unfortunately he is no longer traveling the earth plane for us to ask his reasoning.  The chart for this time does seem to have a great deal of significance, and has been activated by the current planetary transits.
This chart has four planets in Capricorn, including a triple conjunction of the Sun, Chiron and Mars straddling the Nadir of the chart.  The nadir of a mundane (national) chart describes the fate of its people, and this is a strongly nationalistic chart.  Capricorn has to do with government and structure and morals that hold a society together, but the presence of Chiron here, especially at the Nadir of the chart which represents the psychology and the mood of the people, is very telling.
Saturn in the chart falls in the twelfth house which traditional astrologers view as a malefic placement – the lord of Karma in the house of Karma.  A twelfth house Saturn isn’t easy to manage, but in this chart it is exactly square to Mars, Mars in a national chart signifies the military and the nation’s ability to defend itself, and Saturn is in a constant challenge to Haiti’s Mars.  Saturn also is in a square to both Chiron and the Sun, which creates constant challenges and tests.
Haiti is in a Saturn return right now, with Saturn in the sky at 3 degrees Libra and exactly conjunct Saturn in the Haitian chart.  As we’ve been discussing in this column, Saturn and Pluto are preparing to align in an exact 90 degree angle, a “square,” which is a challenging aspect forcing distress and turmoil into the open.  This is a tremendously powerful alignment that we would expect to create challenges for the people of Haiti.
The transits over the next few months are equally challenging.  Saturn is turning retrograde on Friday, so it is at a virtual standstill as its apparent motion from earth prepares to change direction.  This creates a more powerful influence and the necessity for an enormous amount of hard work and rebuilding.
The real trauma will likely not come until early March when transiting Chiron opposes the Moon in the Haiti chart.  Chiron represents emotional wounds, and clearly this horrific event will create a deep wound from which the country will not soon recover.
Over the next few years Saturn, Pluto and Uranus will all be aligned in the sky, instigating a fair amount of celestial havoc.  This havoc will all be directly aspecting the challenging system in the chart of Haiti, which suggests that a big transformation is likely to take place there.
I hope that in the devastation of this poor country the people of the world can unite and bring the people of Haiti the relief they so desperately need.


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