Apple released its much-heralded Iphone on Friday after months of speculation. Techies waited on line for hours to be the first owners of Apple’s sleek and gorgeous new multimedia phone, despite its $500+ price tag. Still, the astrological timing of the Iphone’s release leaves quite a bit to be desired.

The timing of an event using astrology is called “electional astrology,” and provides a weather report for the planetary climate of that event. The chart of the release or birth of the Iphone on Friday June 29 at 6:00 pm, Cupertino California, shows the Sun in nurturing Cancer which suggests responsive customer service. The ascendant is Sagittarius, whose traits include not only optimism and a love of fun but the shadow side reveals a tendency towards self-importance and a desire to associate with only the best people. The Iphone is the gadget everyone will want to have, and Sagittarius jumps right on that bandwagon.

The “Lord” of the ascendant, or ruling planet, is Jupiter in Sagittarius which is retrograde in the first house. Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius would be considered a benefic signature in this chart which illustrates the initial success of the Iphone. The Moon is in Capricorn, the sign of material success and achievement which is a positive indicator, and it is in an applying trine to Mars which provides the energy for activation of the new business. And Venus nearing an exact conjunction to Saturn will bring loyalty of the customers; this conjunction falling in the 9th house of travel shows success overseas.

Still, the chart shows a number of difficult aspects as well, such as five traditional planets (excluding Chiron) in retrograde motion including Mercury and the extremely prominent first house Jupiter which is not only rising in the chart but also rules the ascendant. Retrogrades force us to look back into the past and re-do what we have done before, and we are likely to see the Iphone in a nearly constant state of upgrade as past errors are corrected. Already early reports complain that over 100,000 users who waited in long lines for their phones were unable to activate them.

The Sun in the eighth house would not be considered a fortunate signature for a new venture, nor would its conjunction to retrograde Mercury which forever links the Iphone to communication difficulties. Retrograde Neptune falls in the third house where it adds creativity and inspiration, but also obscures communication and shipping of the product short distances. The opposition between Venus and Neptune indicates romantic illusion that may not find a basis in reality.

It is rarely a great idea to purchase a new gadget before the kinks have been worked out, but the frenzy of optimism and illusion that has surrounded the Iphone is clearly displayed in the astrological chart. It appears, however, that there will be a fair amount of backsliding before the Iphone is really ready for business.

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