There was a huge seismic event yesterday, and I’m not talking about the resignation of Simon Cowell.  A 7.0 magnitude quake shook the capital of Port au Prince at 4:53 pm local time on January 12.  The extent of the damage is not yet known but this quake is being called the strongest one to hit the island in 200 years.
This event follows closely on the heels of a 5.8 magnitude quake in Baja on December 30th, two earthquakes in the Solomon Islands on January 4th, a 6.5 magnitude quake in Northern California on the 9th, and a 4.3 magnitude quake in Southern California on the 11th.  All of this occurs as Saturn, planet of structure, prepares to face off in a challenging aspect (square) to Pluto, planet of explosions and transformation, in between two eclipses.  Pluto is in the earth sign of Capricorn, the sign of earthy stability and its placement there suggests some danger for earthquakes and volcanoes as well.
There is some conjecture that earthquakes do tend to follow a lunar eclipse although no research study has been able to prove a connection.  We did just have a lunar eclipse on December 31st, and we have a solar eclipse coming up on January 15th.  This eclipse, as I noted in my previous post, has a powerful Saturn/Capricorn signature which does suggest some disturbances to the Earth, since Saturn and Capricorn both represent the Earth element.
As I wrote recently, the upcoming planetary alignments that involve not only Saturn and Pluto as described above but also Uranus, planet of revolutionary change, could bring about some major changes in the earth’s structure.  In the meantime, please send your donations to the people of Haiti who are among the poorest in the western hemisphere.


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