Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, welcomed their baby boy into the world on July 22nd at 4:24 pm BST.  Will and Kate have been a fresh air for the British monarchy which has been plagued by scandal and crisis for an entire generation.

The baby, who does not yet have a name, was born while the Sun was still in Cancer (at 29 degrees, 58 minutes).  You can’t get much closer to a Leo Sun without being there, and the symbology of the last degree is an important one.  From a practical perspective, someone whose Sun sign is at the last degree of a sign is truly on the cusp – the qualities of the next sign begin to bleed into the previous one.  So the influence of Cancer  (sensitivity, family-oriented) is waning, and there is the beginnings of Leo (energetic, powerful) beginning to peek in.

The 29th degree is associated with endings – it is the completion of a cycle.  Yesterday I wrote that a royal baby born with the Sun at the 29th degree could see the end of the monarchy in his lifetime.  However, endings also spell new beginnings.  Nothing ends without something new taking its place.

The royal baby’s chart shows not only the Sun at the last degree – the Moon too is at very nearly the end (28 degrees) of Capricorn in a nearly exact Full Moon formation (the Full Moon occurs when the Moon is opposite the Sun from our perspective on Earth).  The Full Moon personality type is a culmination – there is a peak of energy, a wisdom that has accumulated over previous lifetimes that can be fully expressed.

Scorpio is rising in the chart – the sign of power and intensity acting as the veil through which all of his experiences will be filtered.  The  North Node is in Scorpio as well, suggesting that the mantle of power is a part of his destiny.  But with the North Node in the Twelfth House, he will have to surrender in some way.  There is no way to predict how this will happen, but the Twelfth House requires a letting go and an embrace of a spiritual reality that goes beyond this worldly realm.

The traditional ruler of Scorpio is Mars (the sign of aggression and drive) , and we find Mars well aspected in a conjunction to Jupiter (beneficence and optimism) that is part of the Watery Grand Trine of 2013.  This will be a powerful individual because not only is Scorpio rising in the chart, but the Sun is in the Eighth House (the house associated with Scorpio) along with three other planets (Mercury, Mars and Jupiter).

The Eighth House is where we find experiences that challenge us to go deeper – there can be danger there, and sometimes death.  Eighth house/Scorpio people are here to gain understanding about the underworld – the true nature of power is in letting go.   With Mars and Jupiter in the Eighth house, this child will almost certainly grow up with an interest in warfare and issues of power.  With the addition of Jupiter here there is a sense of innate wisdom, and the Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Cancer demonstrates a fierce passion (Mars) and expansive love (Jupiter) for his family and his nation (Cancer).

This is an extremely watery chart, with not only one Grand Trine in Water (Mars/Jupiter trine Neptune trine Saturn) but two (Chiron trine Mercury trine his North Node).  The element of feeling and sensitivity is the strongest component of the chart.  Because the chart lacks the element of air which bestows objectivity and reason, it will be difficult for him to see other’s points of view or a broader perspective.  With Neptune (planet of imagination and creativity) in the Third House of communication, he will likely express himself through the arts in some way.  This is emphasized by the opposition from Neptune to Venus (planet of love and beauty) which enhances the creative flow but can also create a veil of illusion when it comes to personal relationships.

Any child born during this period in which Uranus (revolution) and Pluto (destruction and regeneration) are entwined in their dance (see the sidebar for more information on this cycle if this is new to you) will have this dynamic embedded in their chart.  This generation will possess a passionate drive to create change and bring justice to the world.

Interestingly, the Tenth House of career and public work is empty, just as it is in Prince Charles’s chart.  There is some talk that the throne will skip a generation when Queen Elizabeth is gone and go directly to Prince William, and with an empty Tenth House there is not a strong focus on public work.  Queen Elizabeth, by contrast, has Saturn, planet of struggle and achievement, sitting right on the Midheaven, the cusp of the Tenth House.

Our birth chart is our fate, but we create our destiny.  The chart shows only the potentialities and is influenced by the world around us, the family into which we are born, and the events in our outer world that filter through to the inner one.  It will be interesting to watch this young boy grow up and see how the events of the chart come to pass.

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