I was intrigued to read that US Census Statistics reveal that first marriages which end in divorce last seven to eight years. Having seen the movie “The Seven Year Itch,” I thought this was an interesting statistic considering that the astrological Saturn cycle is about 7.4 years. (First the conjunction, then the opening square at about 7.4 years, the opposition at nearly 15, the closing square at 22-23 and the Saturn Return at 29-30). Looking for synchronicity everywhere, as most astrologers do, it seems clear to me that the Saturn cycle influences the so-called “Seven Year Itch.”

A relationship chart is typically a “composite” chart, where the midpoints of the two charts are taken and a chart drawn up for the “relationship.” The composite chart of the relationship is fascinating as it describes not only what the relationship will appear like to others (ascendant), what the couple will need in order to fuel the relationship (Sun) — it also shows how well each individual will be able to manage the relationship. But a composite chart would not necessarily travel through a Saturn cycle in seven years.

An event chart for a marriage would follow the seven year Saturn cycle. The first seven years (just as with an individual chart) form the waxing square, the period where the individual identity is developed. A young person at the age of 7 during the opening Saturn square (when transiting Saturn is 90 degrees from natal Saturn) is often tested by peers or the school environment. There may be challenges to and from authority, and a readjustment is necessary to fit into the social structures that surround us. Perhaps a marriage needs to go through a similar adjustment period; Saturn rules commitment and responsibility, and perhaps the opening square in a marriage presents tests of commitment in response to feelings of being overwhelmed by responsibility, a hallmark of Saturn. Many well-known couples have not made it past the seven year mark, most recently Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Saturn cycles show times where additional effort is needed, so it makes sense that the seven year cycle in marriage is no different. Most happy couples report that putting in that extra effort (oh so loved by Saturn!!) brings great rewards and future happiness. (Unless, of course, Angelina Jolie is involved!)

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