I hope this will be my last post on the swine flu!! Eric Francis has done a beautiful job of analyzing the chart (April 26, 2009, 12:34 pm, Washington DC) for the state of emergency that was announced Sunday and breaking down the climate of fear that surrounds this whole swine flu thing.

Eric writes (my comments are in brackets):

This chart reminds me of a Jaguar with someone riding the clutch. The engine is roaring and the power is not getting to the wheels. It’s an extraordinarily powerful chart — but the Moon is void of course. That is to say, the Moon has made its last aspect and is essentially drifting through Taurus at the time of the announcement.

Mars is square Pluto to one arc minute — 1/60th of a degree. This is just stunning. Check out the 9th house — that is the house of international things. We are likely to see a big response here. Mars is in the international house and Pluto is in the health house, the 6th. They are in a perfect square and that says action: international response.  [Also likely conflict between nations on how to handle the crisis.]

Mars, Venus and Pluto are all activating the Aries Point [0 degrees Aries] (the personal is political), so this is a chart with far-reaching public energy. Uranus is close behind, in Pisces, right on the 9th cusp, adding a sense of urgency, though it’s in Pisces — more emotional than mental. But the Moon void is the first factor that leads one to wonder where it’s all going. Generally, you need a strong Moon to have a strong chart. The activating agent in this horoscope is the very precise Mars square Pluto. [Pluto is associated with viruses as a rule but mysterious illness falls under Neptune’s purview.]

The second factor that raises doubts is that Mercury is in a tight square to Neptune. Actually this is Mercury square Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron. …  In a public chart, it warns us that what is being announced simply may not be true. I don’t doubt that there is a flu outbreak; I doubt the importance of the issue, and the relevance of the findings. I know I would look like an ass if the Mexican flu wiped out half the planet, but I don’t think it’s going to do anything of the kind. I have the luxury of talking about this as an astrologer and not a government official responsible for millions of lives. We do NOT know the truth here — the chart is warning this in spades. What is the source of the lie, or the motive? I am not getting data on that, but that group of Mercury aspects is sounding a loud warning. [Breaking it down, we have the Moon separating from a conjunction to Mercury by less than a degree, demonstrating the highly emotional context of the announcement, and this combination is being challenged by Pluto, which aggrandizes the emotion and makes it more important than perhaps it is.  Chiron brings up our fears, and Neptune clouds the issue and facilitates illusion and group-think.]

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That this issue is predominating the global consciousness is shown by Leo rising, and the ruler of the chart, the Sun, elevated in the 10th house at the top of the chart.  Mars, the ruler of the 10th, is square to Pluto which shows a great deal of fear and possibly death.  Eric says Pisces on the cusp of the 8th house of death denotes “death anxiety,” and this is also reflected by the combination of the confusion of the Neptune square with the intensity of the Mars/Pluto square.

Still, fear is always our own worst enemy.  Fear is the real virus: It’s useful to use caution and be smart, but leave the wolf of fear outside the door.

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