Election Day in the U.S. falls on November 8th this year. Whoever decided to schedule Election Day during Scorpio season clearly wasn’t working with an astrologer – how much nicer would it have been to hold the election during Libra season when everyone wanted to be nice. Oh wait, then nobody would be able to make up their minds. 😃

Lunar eclipse. This year the midterm elections fall not only in Scorpio season, but on the day of a lunar eclipse at dawn in Washington, the Moon opposite the Sun at 15 degrees of the Taurus/Scorpio axis. This is one of the cross-quarter Celtic power days (Samhain), and with a lunar eclipse on this day it’s bound to carry a great deal of potential to create waves.

This is a total eclipse, with the lunar nodes just three degrees from the Sun and Moon which intensifies the eclipse energies – there is a sense here of something underground about to burst, which is then pushed into consciousness with an almost violent thrust. Mercury is exactly conjunct the Sun within one minute of a degree, something called “cazimi,” suggesting that ideas and communication could be lost under the power of the brilliant nuclear explosive energies emerging at this time. On top of this, Uranus, planet of “shock and awe” – sudden change and eruption of awareness – virtually ensures that what happens on Election Day this year is impossible to predict (exact conjunction to the Taurus Moon and opposes the Sun and Mercury).

The position of the lunar nodes is critical in an eclipse, and here we have the North Node of fate tied in with the eclipse of the lunar energies, and the South Node of the past tied in with the Sun and Mercury. Grievances of history will likely play a major role, but Uranus conjunct the North Node will help to break old patterns so that progress can occur.

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Other factors. Venus, the goddess of peace and beauty, is tied into this system as well but she stands off to the side by a few degrees – still engaged in the drama but maintaining a bit of perspective. Venus harmonizes with Pallas (divine wisdom) (trine) and I am hoping that means that some feminine voices will help to soften any blows that emerge under the challenges of the eclipse and Uranus intervention. Still, Eris (discord) and Pallas are in conflict in this chart and the chaos of the discordant voices in the U.S. could eclipse a broader view of reason.

In addition, Mars (aggression) will be retrograde in Mercury-ruled Gemini and in challenging square aspect to Jupiter (ideology) and Neptune (transcendence and confusion), both in Pisces which they co-rule. This is not a great condition for clear thinking and right action.

Don’t forget that we are still in the throes of the U.S. Pluto return, with transiting Pluto very tightly conjunct Pluto in the U.S. chart. Pluto cycles can be devastating, but when there is an imbalance that needs to be corrected in order for a consciousness to evolve sometimes a crisis is required in order to make that correction. We are seeing this all over the news, with talk of a constitutional crisis, a second civil war, etc.

The eclipse on Election Day falls on the 5th/11th house axis of the U.S. (Sibley) chart. The 5th house in mundane astrology refers to the population and birth rate, but also the pleasures and enjoyment of the people and the Moon/North Node here suggests that the voice of the masses will prevail over traditional governmental operations as represented by the 11th house which represents the associations of leadership, such as Congress which is made up of members of the population. We have the South Node here, suggesting that incumbents may not fare well in this election.

I rarely try to make predictions, and I certainly will not make that attempt under these planetary conditions. But considering the state of global politics at the moment it seems pretty certain that the midterm elections will not be the usual low-turnout and low-energy event. I know that many of my readers are concerned about the future, and that is a reasonable response to the chaos of the world right now.  I believe that it’s important to recognize that there is a larger plan at work, and that the Universal forces of evolution are working to shape the future. We must do our part, of course, but there is a wisdom in letting go where we must and making change where we can. ❤️

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