This week we have a New Moon in Scorpio, and it’s a SuperMoon, Mars has just entered Scorpio, the Sun is already in Scorpio, and Mercury moves into Scorpio this week.  Under the influence of Scorpio there is nowhere to hide: life becomes a deep dive into the most intense search for meaning we can imagine.

In addition, the challenging square between Saturn and Uranus, the story of 2021 over control vs liberty, is activated by Mars this month, but that activation actually begins this week with the Scorpio New Moon triggering first Saturn and then Uranus. These themes of repression and rebellion are evident on the world stage but they may also be present in our own lives as we struggle to find a way to live an authentic and joyful life in a pandemic world. How much freedom are we willing to give up for our security and the health of others?  How much control can we really have in a world full of unexpected consequences? These are the questions being asked during this Saturn/Uranus time which began earlier in 2021 and is coming to a conclusion in December (mostly, that is – Saturn and Uranus will continue to do a dance into 2022 but it will be much weaker).

Those are the important things…let’s take a look at the week ahead. Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality.

Monday November 1.  As the Moon completes her passage through Virgo, we are more easily able to process the details of life and digest them into meaningful and practical pieces. Mercury is in a harmonious trine to Jupiter, expanding our views of what is possible and aiding in a more positive viewpoint.

Much is being said right now about “toxic positivity,” but there is no doubt that a positive viewpoint can make significant changes as long as the positivity does not attempt to cover up a serious problem. Positivity does not mean self-deception, but looking at the silver lining and finding something to be grateful for is always a good practice.

Meanwhile a somewhat challenging square between Mercury and Pluto is building which will culminate very early in the morning on Tuesday. Mercury is in Libra where we seek to understand both sides of the issue, but the stressful aspect to Pluto (and also Eris) could make this more difficult.  Watch for arguments and power grabs, but there is also a depth of perception which can be very useful in working out a problem.

Tuesday November 2.  That stressful Mercury/Pluto aspect will linger into the day, and the Libra Moon will face off against Chiron around 11 am which could cause feelings to be a bit raw.  This would not be a great day for a difficult conversation since the emotional reactivity could make resolution a challenge.

Meanwhile the energies are building for the Scorpio New Moon.

Wednesday November 3.  The Moon is quite active today as she completes her passage through Libra. This could be somewhat destabilizing since when the Moon is in Libra we tend to seek greater emotional harmony and inner balance, and Wednesday has many competing influences. We are happy and confident around 9 am (Moon trine Jupiter), then anxious around noon (Moon square Pluto), then full of ideas around 3:30 pm (conjunct Mercury) and finally somewhat relaxed around 6:30 pm (sextile Venus).

When the Moon enters Scorpio at 8:52 pm EDT, we shake off the cobwebs and prepare for something real and powerful in Thursday’s New Moon.

Thursday November 4.  This Scorpio New Moon is another lunar event packed with Mars energy, just as the Aries Full Moon was two weeks ago.  Mars conjoins the Sun and Moon in Scorpio, which is itself ruled by Mars, and is in a square to Saturn to activate the Saturn/Uranus square.  What this means in English is that our impulses and motivations for action are more intense and will need conscious direction.

This is a powerful time to set any kind of intention. Not only are we at the beginning of a lunar cycle, where everything is new and the potential for creation is energized, but this New Moon offers an opportunity to find a doorway through the Saturn/Uranus square to leave the past behind and move into an awakened future. I’ll be writing about the New Moon in greater detail a little later in the week.

art by Dan Elijah Fajardo

Friday November 5.  Two planets change signs on Friday:  Mercury enters Scorpio, adding more intensity to the Scorpionic drama already in play, and Venus moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn.  Two planets changing signs in one day signifies some kind of other greater change or shift, especially since the Moon will also leave Scorpio for Sagittarius around 9 pm on Friday.

This is a transition day – we are certainly still in Scorpio season, but the lunar shift into Sagittarius will lighten the horizon a bit and we will experience some energetic movement with Mercury and Venus changing signs. This is a good day to pay attention to any signals of changes that might need to be made.

Saturday November 6.  A lovely Mercury/Venus sextile around noon today helps to soothe any rough edges and facilitates communication and social interaction. In addition, the Sagittarius Moon harmonizes with Saturn and Chiron in the morning, helping to heal any painful places and resolve obstacles.

Social connections can be a challenge under intense Scorpio energy such as we have earlier in the week, so this will be a wonderful day to spend time with friends and family, or to have that difficult conversation you may have put off earlier in the week.

Sunday November 7.  Sunday gives us an astrological break, with only mild aspects of the Sagittarius Moon.  The Moon moves into Capricorn at around 9 pm EST (note the time change in the US!), and then Monday offers mild lunar aspects as well.  The equanimity offered by a few peaceful days can offer a bit of a retreat.  Enjoy!! ❤️

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