The formal launch of the new Windows 7 software by Microsoft took place yesterday, October 21, at 11:08 am in New York City according to Cnet’s live blog.  The chart for this event has the Sun in Libra and Venus in the 10th house of the public, which bodes well for its acceptance by consumers and it has already generated some favorable reviews..
Sagittarius is rising in the chart, echoing the general optimism and favorable reviews that surrounds the launch of Windows 7.  The Moon is also in Sagittarius, though it sits in the 12th house which is not generally advantageous for electional charts and suggests that few people will actually care about Windows 7.  Still, the Moon is in a favorable sextile to that 10th house Venus which will offset any negative effect.

Saturn is precariously close to a conjunction to the Midheaven, or public exposure of the product, and that suggests delays and disappointments in its success even though success is relatively assured with Venus elevated in the that 10th house.  But conventional wisdom recommends never buying the initial version of any Microsoft product, so Windows 7 may remain hidden in the 12th house for quite some time.

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