The universe is so ingenious, which makes it difficult for astrologers to attempt to predict the future. Saturn/Neptune is famously associated with the flu and other viruses, leading many astrologers to predict a major flu outbreak under its influence beginning last summer. But no one predicted the astonishing rise of something called “viral marketing” that recently became mainstream news with the production of an anti-Hillary campaign ad that circulated like wildfire over the Internet.

The ad uses an old Apple ad where hundreds of automaton-type humans are watching a film of Hillary Clinton until a blonde ax-wielding Lara Croft wannabe throws her ax through the film screen. The ad ends with the link to Barack Obama’s website, yet Obama’s campaign had nothing to do with the ad.

Viral marketing or political advertising spreads like wildfire just as biological viruses do, and can be just as destructive. Under the Saturn/Neptune opposition Neptune’s mysterious and sometimes devious ways erode the social order of Saturn and Saturn’s restrictions and challenges exacerbate the mysterious illnesses promoted by Neptune.

Uranus in Pisces is also at play here, where information technology (Uranus) is used for purposes that transcend all known boundaries and marketers can shapeshift by wearing online disguises (Pisces). As with all things astrological, there is a higher and lower manifestation of these cycles and along with the potential deception and destruction of viral marketing-type events we also have the building of online communities that share information and transform the experience of community into something that brings knowledge and wisdom to all of us.

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