Barbury crop circleI found this link on Ellie’s World about the new crop circle in Barbury, England that includes a very detailed analysis of the crop circle and its relationship to the number Pi and has rounded up to an astonishing 10 digits. This is a very precise measurement, and its difficult to imagine that two drunk guys with boards on their feet (the classic debunking of crop circles) could dream this up. I’m no mathematician, but the mathematical precision of this crop circle seems pretty amazing.

Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, and is considered the original irrational number. It is an infinite number that has no end, although people keep trying to find it. Typically Pi is depicted with its first six decimal digits, so the extension to 10 digits in the crop circle is pretty amazing!

This is an interesting site that explores the connection of Pi to the esoteric philosophies of the Illuminati, making a case for Pi representing the solstices and equinoxes.

Some writer have said that in establishing the relationship between the circumference of the circle, which is round, to the diameter, which is linear, Pi depicts the transcendence of the circle from linear rationality.

The infinite nature of the number Pi suggests to me an inability for the human mind to grasp that which is infinite; that the Mystery will always be greater than the humans who seek to discover it.

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