You may already know that over the next few years all three outer planets will have changed signs, leading to a major shift in human consciousness. In March, we kick off this big transition with a total of seven planets changing signs. It’s not unusual for the Sun, or Mercury, Venus or even Mars to change signs and we often have two to four sign changes in an average month. But seven planets changing signs is quite significant, especially because six out of the seven personal planets will change signs this month. The personal planets (in this case Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn) tend to affect us more deeply on a personal level so this could signify a significant change in our attitudes and values.

And then there’s Pluto which will move into Aquarius later this month after 15 years in Capricorn. Watch these pages for my article coming soon about what this could mean for the human experience, but Pluto ingresses into a new sign often heralds a completely new experience for humanity, along with a new generation.

If you read my weekly forecast (and if you don’t, you really should! sign up below), you’ll be getting a weekly forecast with the details of these changes. We can look forward to a great deal of mutability including a triple conjunction in dreamy Pisces in mid-March that faces off against Mars (still in Gemini until the 25th after seven months!). Saturn, planet of structure and responsibility, in mystical Pisces which is none of those things, will bring two years and a few months of dissolving the foundations on which we build our lives and rebuilding them into a more flexible arrangement which better suits life in the 21st century.

These are times when attachment to the past will not serve us, but creativity and an open mind and heart will. These are times when we will be pulled outside of our comfort zone and we will need this flexibility and mutability in order to embrace the new future that is presented to us.

Meanwhile, here are the important dates in March! More details will follow in future posts.

  • Mercury enters Pisces March 2
  • Saturn enters Pisces March 7
  • Venus enters Taurus March 16
  • Mercury enters Aries March 19
  • Sun enters Aries March 20
  • Pluto enters Aquarius March 23
  • Mars enters Cancer March 25 (after seven months in Gemini)

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