Two weeks ago we looked at how the solar eclipse on February 6th would affect the remaining presidential candidates; today let’s take a look at what effect tomorrow’s lunar eclipse could have.

Tomorrow’s eclipse shows the Sun and Moon opposed at 2 degrees Pisces/Virgo, with the Moon conjunct Saturn, trined by Pluto which is very close to a tight aspect to a difficult opposition of Pluto to Chiron in the chart of Barack Obama. Obama is in the middle of a challenging cycle of transiting Saturn conjunct Pluto in his chart which began back in October. As I mentioned in the last article, this is a cycle that can bring great tests but also an increase in stability and power, and it seems to be having the latter effect for Obama. This eclipse will bring a challenge for him, and he could lose several states during this period. However, the eclipse also makes a sextile to Venus in Obama’s chart and it is likely that he will forge several new alliances during this period.

Hillary Clinton was hard hit by the February 6 eclipse, but tomorrow’s eclipse will have little effect on her other than a square of the lunation (Sun and Moon opposition) to her natal Jupiter. Jupiter shows our confidence level and how strong our sense of our own abilities is, and Jupiter squares can inflate our sense of our own importance and make it difficult to see reality. This is a minor problem overall, and Mrs. Clinton has survived some very ugly planetary cycles over the past few years. She’s not going anywhere any time soon.

I’m still getting over the fact that John McCain is still in the race. But like Clinton, he is a survivor and the transit of Saturn over his Sun which began last October and November has only increased his strength in the primaries. The eclipse, since it conjuncts Saturn in the sky, adds a revelatory component to this cycle for McCain. I suspect we will see a little more of the “real” John McCain over the next two weeks as the unmasking process continues.

I never did a profile for Mike Huckabee, but with his Sun at 0 degrees Virgo, the eclipse aspects his Sun directly. This may be the time that he decides to exit the race, since he has no chance outside of a miracle to attain the nomination.

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