by Lynn Hayes

The planetary influence of Uranus manifests in disruption of the status quo – whatever sign Uranus travels through will bring disruption and radical reshaping of the worldly matters that are associated with that sign. Often this radical change includes a technological factor since Uranus rules technology and invention, and this has been true with Uranus in Taurus.

Uranus has been in Taurus since the fall of 2018, corresponding to the cryptocurrency boom. Taurus is an earth sign and describes the way we achieve economic security and a sense of material well-being, including financial wealth and finance so with Uranus in Taurus we would expect to see a change in the way things of value are exchanged. (See my article from 2018 about a Swiss referendum on the ability of banks to create money out of thin air.)

In any case, after Pluto (destruction and re-creation) entered Capricorn (societal structures such as banks) in 2008 resulting in the financial crash, the resulting lack of trust in global financial systems led to an embrace of new ways of handling money. Bitcoin emerged in 2009 but didn’t gain a foothold until 2010 when it was primarily used for secretive transactions by renegades on the dark web (Uranus was in independent Aries at the time).

During the challenging square from Uranus to Pluto that lasted between 2011 and 2017 there were all kinds of disruptions and revolutions, and this provided a fertile ground for monetary changes, and then in 2018 when Uranus moved into Taurus Bitcoin exploded.

This was not the first time Uranus in Taurus had radically changed the nature of money. When Uranus was last in Taurus, the U.S. gold standard was suspended (1933) and gold was privatized. Private accounts were insured by the government (FDIC) in the midst of the Great Depression. This was followed by the entry of Uranus into Gemini in 1941, corresponding to the origination of the International Monetary Fund in 1944. In the U.S., inflation hit an all-time high.

So what will happen when Uranus leaves Taurus for Gemini in 2025? That will be an interesting time altogether – Pluto with Jupiter, Saturn and the three outer planets all in the first degrees of new signs and none of them will be earth signs of hard practicality. We are in the Age of Air following the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius that heralded a new elemental shift from Earth, and I suspect that by that time we will be fully moved out of a cash system into a more etheric system that is completely dependent on trust.

Ever since the world abolished currency systems based on metals and things of intrinsic value, the global financial system has been dependent on trust. Until now, though, we have had paper money and coins to foster the illusion that our economic system was based on something real. I believe that when Uranus moves into Gemini this illusion will make way for something more abstract – and more difficult to control. Without the ability to tie our economic system to something stable, the fluctuations of currency will likely become more erratic.

We are heading into interesting times for sure!

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