Artwork from the Osho Zen Tarot
Cancer Full Moon 2015 Nothing says family and friends like the astrological sign of Cancer, and the December 25th Cancer Full Moon brings an infusion of lunar energy to open the heart and encourage connections between humans.  Cancer after all is ruled by the Moon – the keeper of our secrets, the harbinger of our fears.  The Moon illuminates the darkness and sometimes reveals the shadows we would often rather not see, but also stimulates the imagination and reveals the depths of feeling that lie deep within.

The Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle and Cancer is the Moon’s own sign, so all of the characteristics represented by the Moon are operating here.  The ebb and flow of emotions, the desire to nurture others, our need to feel secure and safe, the legacy of our maternal line and our sense of personal history – these are all prominently featured in this Full Moon.

The Moon is also tied closely to the archetype of the nurturing mother – the sense of being safe and secure in a loving mother’s arms – so security and safety are critical experiences in the Cancerian realm.  Under the double whammy of the Cancer Full Moon we especially seek to surround ourselves with people that will provide that emotional nourishment and sense of sanctuary that we long for.

The intuition and imagination of the Full Moon is heightened now with a harmonious trine to Neptune, the planet which inspires us to transcend ordinary reality and commune directly with the divine.  Divine creativity, divine inspiration, divine peace – these majestic experiences are available to us now.  Neptune forms a sextile to the Sun, reminding us that the conscious solar experience needs always to be enhanced by the mystical, opening the doors of perception to reveal the hidden Truths and magic.

Expansive and positive Jupiter aligns with the North Node at this Full Moon, granting us the confidence we need to pursue our dreams and move bravely towards our future destiny (North Node).  Lovely and sociable Venus harmonizes with both Jupiter and the North Node which helps to enhance our personal relationships and bring more beauty into our lives to facilitate the emotional stirrings of the Cancerian Moon.    This bodes well for family gatherings or any groupings of individuals and may help to minimize the usual holiday conflicts.  For those who are alone at this time, the rich depths of emotional experience can be very fertile for creative and spiritual expression or finding more peace and comfort within our own selves.

Uranus, the disrupter, is at a virtual standstill now and operating with greater intensity, and this intensity is embedded in the energy of the Full Moon chart.

The influence of Uranus here suggests that we may find ourselves forced to break free from a behavior pattern that has blocked our own inner connection, or we may find ourselves experiencing sudden realizations regarding our family or a connection to important females in our lives.  A harmonious trine from Mercury (the mind) to Jupiter will help us to keep an open mind, and also encourages positive communication and an interest in gaining greater understanding.

The role of family has changed in the past 100 years.  As the world has become smaller and people have moved farther away from their homes, and with many having been estranged from their homes through psychological or political reasons, we have had to rethink our idea of what family means to us.  Many of us have created our own families of friends and other loved ones but no matter what shapes these familial connections there is no doubt that a sense of belonging is critical to a healthy human experience.  This Cancer Full Moon on Christmas Day will help to illuminate these connections and enhance our ability to create new ones.

If you know the artist who created this beautiful piece please let me know!

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