holmesImage from Spaceweather.   The timing of the exploding Comet Holmes at the exact moment of the conjunction of Pluto to the Galactic Center is a fascinating coincidence. Add to this the timing right at the Full Moon and there is a sense of something very significant going on.

Comets have long been thought to be harbingers or omens, and this new comet has defied the understanding of scientists and their efforts to strip the magic from this type of event. If the Universe was trying to get our attention, it makes sense that It would create a vision in the sky that was unlike anything ever seen before.

Pluto conjuncts the Galactic Center approximately every 250 years. In this earlier article I reviewed some of the history of previous cycles that heralded a shift in focus of the human species.

We are clearly on the brink of a shift in human evolution:

  • Threats of mass extinction ignore the fact that extinctions are already occurring at a rapid rate. Species are becoming extinct at a rate 100 times that present in the fossil record, and a third of all amphibians and primate species with nearly a quarter of mammals are threatened.
  • The Middle East, “cradle of civilization,” is now the fulcrum of a major shift in global power from two “superpowers” to a multitude of smaller powers and tribal allegiances.
  • A new race to space pits China against rivals Japan and India for the first moon landing by an Asian country.
  • Syria has possibly joined the ranks of countries possessing nuclear technology, bringing that number to ten or possibly eleven, depending on the degree to which Iran has acquired this technology.
  • Scientists are working hard to create life in a lab, the possibility of which would turn the concept of religion on its head.

Our entire world is changing and most of us are not paying attention. Since Pluto began the current cycle of the Galactic Center conjunction last year many people have felt the call to go deep within themselves and discover how their life can unfold in a deeper and more authentic way. As we are being realigned as a species, we are also finding new directions in our individual lives that will take us into a more defined relationship with the core of our being. The more anchored we become within ourselves, the stronger our foundation becomes and the better we are able to manage times of crisis. This I believe is the personal lesson of the Pluto conjunction to the Galactic Center.

The human lesson is a different story. Pluto requires nothing less than the breakdown of any facet of life that does not serve the evolutionary process, and this is not always an easy thing to manage. Because Pluto meets the Galactic Center in Sagittarius, this breakdown is always followed by Pluto’s entry into Capricorn which takes the crisis of philosophy that occurs in Sagittarius and uses it to change the forms and structures of Capricorn. As individuals we have little effect on the global cycles of change unless we achieve that strong anchor deep within ourselves to what is real and true

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