Jude at Stars Over Washington has another view of the Full. Moon as it relates to the current US events, pointing out a kite formation tied to a (wide) Grand Trine. This formation is a little wider than I would normally pay attention to, with Jupiter retrograding at 9 degrees and therefore moving away from the trine of Mercury to Uranus at 13 and 14 degrees. But in any event, it’s an interesting read:

For today’s Full Moon–the culmination phase which was begun at the New Moon of May 27 (“6Gem” = “drilling for oil”) you see that Venus 15Tau30 (“15Tau” = the Oxen Point of the 8.11.99 “King of Terror” eclipse), has joined this Water Grand Trine to form what some call a KITE formation.

Jupiter is the tail of this kite, as I’ve rather artistically marked on the chart (click image to enlarge), and Venus–who can extract revenge as well as Mars can–may have financial motives in mind being placed in luxury-loving Taurus. Venus joining the Grand Trine brings success to the venture…she here is the catalyst for success.

Water Grand Trines are, as I said before, an indication of an exaggerated need for safety and protection, and there’s a sense of being disconnected with reality.

But there’s also a psychic sensitivity in the private world it describes..an uncanniness. And since Uranus is involved, I suspect there was a short-lived opportunity to track their prey and take him out…and George and the GOP needed the boost.

The plan to promote details of this venture has caused many statements from the administration which sound to me like tactical info you wouldn’t want your worst enemy to know, but the American people hadn’t been impressed with the President in a long time, so a political decision obviously had to be made.

The personality blend of this Full Moon> Sun Gem/Moon Sag:

Greatest Strengths: mental dexterity; optimism; vivid imagination; insight; flair for communications and enthusing others; intuitive leaps.

Greatest Weaknesses: tendency to talk too much and INDISCREETLY; breezing through life on quick wit rather than using higher mental faculties; impatience; a need to know it all.

IMAGES: The Pied Piper leads his band of merry youths to the amphitheater on the hill for an afternoon of music, philosophical lessons, and baseball…A young man goes abroad to attend university and becomes a foreign correspondent.

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