(Please refrain from scatological jokes here!) On Monday the stock market rose over 400 points, the biggest single day rise since 2002, confirming the predictions of noted astrological money expert Ray Merriman who, noting the falling markets at the New Moon which was conjunct Uranus on Friday, predicted for this week:

For this week, Venus will enter Pisces March 12, followed by Mercury doing the same March 14. More Pisces. More confusion and uncertainty. This is followed by Venus starting its translation to the Saturn-Uranus opposition, starting with its opposition to Saturn on March 15, and culminating with its conjunction to Uranus on March 28. The roller coaster may pause this week, but more steep slopes could be ahead March 15-28. Of course with the new moon conjunct Uranus this past Friday, a sudden and sharp rally is also possible, for it can be counted on for one thing: it does what most people do not expect.

The one thing you can expect from Uranus is the unexpected, making it impossible to make astrological predictions when Uranus is involved. The New Moon/Uranus conjunction was in Pisces where it is idealistic and compassionate but with a tendency towards delusion. The rise in the markets came about due to a huge infusion of cash (transiting Jupiter (expansion) forming a sextile to Uranus and the New Moon) from the Federal Reserve, acting with the European Central Bank, the Bank of Canada and the Swiss National Bank. I’ve read enough conspiracy theory to be very concerned when this kind of global banking cartel begins working to control the world’s financial markets, particularly as Pluto begins its travels through Capricorn, the sign of banking, financing, and large corporations.

The philosophy behind most conspiracy thinking is that a few people behind the major banking elites control the wealth of large nations and now, with globalization, the wealth of the entire planet. While conspiracy theorists often go beyond the realm of logic to prove their point, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that they are not so crazy. In collusion, the world’s central banks can easily manipulate the financial markets to rise and fall and even crash, virtually at their whim. When the peasant population (most of the rest of us) put all of our faith into these systems, and all of our life’s savings, there is devastation that results when the system crashes as it did back in 1929. Small banks go under – the large ones eat up the small ones and the cycle continues.

Pluto is stationary now at 1 degree Capricorn preparing to retrograde on April 2 and it will re-enter Sagittarius on June 12 where it will remain until the end of November. I believe it could be a wise move to collect your winnings during this last Sagittarian period and then walk away from the table. The next few years could be very rough.

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