Phil Brown has posted an interesting review of the movie The Good Shepherd. I like what he says about the US Sibley chart (the one most commonly used. The Sibley chart shows the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all in Cancer and Sagittarius rising, as is appropriate for a nation that was founded on exploration (Sagittarius). The principle of nurturing the world comes from the strong Cancerian influence.

The movie suggested a connection between the national obsession with Communist Russia and a national neglect of the family and its children. We were so fixated on an outside foe that we neglected to nurture our own homes. Our whole national enterprise was given over to fighting Communism.

It made me think of the U.S. horoscope with those four planets in Cancer and then the Pluto in Cancer generation coming out of World War II with such a strong anti-Communist fervor. Nothing against Cancer—rightly expressed, it is a wonderful sign—but just look at our current Cancer president. Protecting the homeland becomes a “shell” game, moving around the deck chairs. We don’t really have national leaders who are helping us to nurture our deeper selves and our children, building strength from within. That seems like it would be a higher expression of Cancer, but it is one that has sadly eluded our nation’s political leadership.

The Sibly U.S. horoscope has Scorpio on the cusp of the 12th house and this is one reason why I do like this horoscope. Without buying into a whole lot of conspiracy theories, I think that the U.S. has a tendency to grow secret power cabals that operate independently of any oversight. The Good Shepherd really felt like a 12th house Scorpio, portraying a hidden government agenda of intensely secret power issues. Matt Damon, as the main character in the movie, uses silence to deafening effect. The code name he is given by the Russians is “Mother.” How appropriate for a movie about a Cancer nation.

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