I am migrating some  articles from the old site so that they can be indexed here.  The Grand Sextile of 2013 will give a repeat performance on August 31st, this time with the Moon in Cancer.  This Grand Sextile is a rare occurrence, and the last time it occurred was during the Harmonic Concordance of 2003.  This is the Tenth Anniversary of the Harmonic Concordance

You may have heard of a unique alignment involving eight “planets” that occured the evening of the lunar eclipse on November 8 2003 at 8:13 pm. The components of this alignment are these (in astrological symbolism the Sun and Moon are considered as planets, and I am including Chiron as well which I have seen to be a strong component of any birthchart):


A full moon with a total lunar eclipse.

Two interlocking grand trines (120 degree angles) in water and earth signs.

Two oppositions (180 degree angle).

A hexagon of sextiles (60 degree angles) forming a Grand Sextile.

Two “T-square” formations (an opposition where both planets are square (90 degrees) to another).


In addition, Uranus, technically not part of the alignment formation, is on this day reversing its retrograde direction and traveling direct for the first time since June.

This formation was discovered on August 28 1998 by John Mirehiel using a software program called Astrolog and looks very much like this diagram. He named this alignment the “Harmonic Concordance.” You can see the two intersecting triangles in blue, the three interior oppositions in red, and the hegaxon in green, all bordered by the circular ecliptic of the zodiac. This is an exceptionally unusual formation that is filled with symbolism of the mystery schools. The interlocking grand trines that form the six-pointed star represents the descension into matter (pointing down), and the ascension into spirit (pointing up); or more specifically, individuation and universalization as referred to by the Theosophosists.

The Uranus/Neptune conjunction that took place between 1993-1999 opened a gateway to shifts in consciousness all over the earth. Uranus (representing individuality, technology and radical change) linked with Neptune (the bringer of transcendent consciousness) and created major shifts in the way the global culture looks at life. Suddenly meditation and yoga are mainstream occupations; pop artists such as Madonna are studying Kabbalah. This gateway heralded the transition into the Age of Aquarius, the oft-touted “new age” of harmony and universal brotherhood.

The planetary alignment of November 8 in my view aligned the doorways of consciousness that were opened during the eight-year period of the Uranus/Neptune conjunction. Uranus and Neptune are dissolvers: Uranus breaks apart patterns and Neptune dissolves them. Uranus and Neptune both reach for a higher way of being, more divine (Neptune), more ideal (Uranus). During their conjunction gateways to consciousness were opened, but without any cohesive direction. The planetary alignment November 8 opened a multidimensional gateway to enable a greater focus and greater understanding for those of who seek to increase their awareness.


FULL MOON/LUNAR ECLIPSE: During a lunar eclipse, the moon is obscured by the earth’s shadow during an opposition with the Sun. A full moon occurs when the moon is exactly opposite (180 degrees) from the Sun, creating a tension between the Solar force (conscious identity) and the Lunar force (emotional and instinctive reactivity). Full Moon periods are noted for an increase in unusual behaviors as a result of this tension, but if the solar and lunar energies are consciously utilized and focus, there is an opportunity for an increase in personal power during these times which is why magical rites are often performed during a full moon. During a lunar eclipse, the energy of the opposition is present but because the lunar energy is obscured, we often feel during these times like we are “in the dark.” The effect of a full moon and eclipse lasts approximately three days on either side of the event.

GRAND TRINES IN WATER AND EARTH, FORMING A GRAND SEXTILE: Trines are “harmonious” aspects, meaning the energies of the planets interact in a harmonious manner. However, because there is no tension, the planetary energies that form the grand trine often get locked in an endless loop without the energy to break free and move forward. Often people with grand trines in their chart lack the drive to create change in their lives. The two grand trines in this alignment form a Grand Sextile which provides more energy to the dynamic. The sextile aspect (60 degrees) creates excitement and awareness. In this grand alignment, the planets included in the Grand Sextile (incorporating the two Grand Trines) are Saturn in Cancer, Moon in Taurus, Mars in Pisces, Chiron in Capricorn, Sun in Scorpio, and Jupiter in Virgo. Here we have the principle of discipline and achievement (Saturn), instinct and emotion (Moon), aggression and self-protection (Mars), healing and teaching (Chiron), Spirit and identity (Sun), and abundance and opportunity (Jupiter) all linked to facilitate the birth into consciousness of the next phase of the plan for earth.

FULL MOON (SUN/MOON OPPOSITION) IN SQUARE TO NEPTUNE: Neptune is the dissolver, as noted before, and the planet that yearns to merge with the divine essence. The square aspect is a challenging one, creating conflict as well as tremendous potential. Neptune calls upon us to seek beyond our ordinary reality to discover the divine within every moment. A full moon in square to Neptune could create major difficulties in our material existence, but the harmonious energies of the Grand Sextile work to soften this effect and encourage the opening of our own inner doorways into guidance for our future.

JUPITER OPPOSITE MARS, BOTH WIDELY SQUARE TO VENUS: Jupiter is the planet of abundance, of faith and optimism. Opposing Mars, the god of War, Jupiter expands the fire of Mars and produces additional power for the assertion of personal will as represented by Mars. Personal relationships (Venus) can be affected by this unleashing of the fire gods, but again, the Grand Sextile weaves a web of support within which the power of these planetary configurations can be safely unleashed.

URANUS TURNS DIRECT APPROACHING A SQUARE TO MERCURY: Uranus has been traveling in its own sign of Aquarius in retrograde motion since June and will turn direct on November 8. Uranus rules individuality, autonomy, electricity, technology, revolutionary thought and idealism. Mercury rules communication, thought, the processing of information. Uranus is considered the “higher octave” of Mercury, as Mercury operates on the personal plane; Uranus on the transpersonal. The tension created between these two planets as they approach the closing square of their cycle on November 11 can work to form a bridge between the personal and the transpersonal, the individual of the universal, which is the theme of the alignment.

SOLAR FLARES: A series of solar flares began erupting October 22, with a powerful X17 flare occurring on October 28. The most powerful flare ever recorded erupted on November 4, possibly as much as an X40. The most powerful flare previously recorded was an X20 flare in 1991. Scientists say that there is more solar activity now than ever before in living memory. Satellite communication and air traffic communication has been affected by the magnetic force produced by these flares and solar storms. What is the effect on the human consciousness of this kind of dramatic activity? I wonder if the timing of these solar flares so close to this planetary alignment is coincidental. Certainly there are major changes being made to the magnetic fields around us, and those of us who are particularly sensitive to electromagnetic energy (particularly those in whose charts Uranus is prominent) will need to do a little more yoga, a few more walks, more grounding exercises.

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