Kenna asked me about the Jupiter station which is occurring now before Jupiter turns direct on Monday. Jupiter has been in Sagittarius since November of 2006 where the relentless optimism of Jupiter in its own sign has been driving the US stock market to ever greater heights and creating huge expansion in the economies of other countries as well. Jupiter turned retrograde in April of 2007 and that expansion began to face some opposition from a more reality-based perspective. As it stations to turn direct its influence becomes more pronounced.

Jupiter urges us to consider expanding beyond what we normally think is possible. It drives us to formalize our sense of meaning in life into belief systems (hence its rulership over theology and ideologies in general), and in Sagittarius it encourages us to pursue possibilities which seem limitless. While retrograde, though, the influence of Jupiter slows down so that we can consider these possibilities more carefully. The tendency of Jupiter towards recklessness is checked as we look backwards to see what mistakes have been made.

As Jupiter turns direct we become more aware of its influence, especially if it aspects sensitive areas in our own charts. We have been in a heavy retrograde period with five planets plus Chiron in retrograde motion and there has been much looking back to reconsider past events. We are likely to begin to look to the future with Jupiter turning direct, and once Pluto turns direct in September we should begin to see some progress with the global conflicts that appear to be in stalemate now.

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