The recent cyber-attacks on government computers in the United States and South Korea coincide with the square (90 degree aspect) from Mars (warfare, aggression) to the Triple Conjunction of Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune which is still tightly in alignment.  On a personal level that Triple Conjunction has served as a call from the soul to delve deeply into the unfolding healing process in order to more consciously awaken to every part of our being.  (See my website and this blog for plenty of articles on the Chiron/Neptune conjunction.

That square from Mars began moving into alignment to form a challenging square aspect to the Big Three just after the first of the month, and by July 4, the date the attacks began, Mars was within one degree from the aspect to Chiron and moving quickly towards an exact square to all three.  This has been a challenging few days for many people, particularly because of the addition of the lunar energy from the Full Moon.  There has been a great deal of aggression in the air with a tremendous bomb blast in Afghanistan, revolution in Honduras, riots in ethnic areas in China, a surge of violence in Iraq.

When Mars squares Chiron in our personal birthcharts there is often a stripping away of any veneer that protects us from our wounded emotional places (Chiron), and we often react with anger (Mars) as a result.  The same appears to be occurring on the global stage as well.  With Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius, the sign that rules technology, and Uranus, the planet ruler of technology, in the sign of Pisces which can obfuscate the truth and create confusion, it’s no surprise that techniques of war are rapidly mutating into technological areas. Cyber attacks were originally the province of geeky young guys with dreams of bringing down the CIA or Wall Street from their bedrooms.  Now powerful nations are hiring these geeky young guys to administer cyber attacks on a much larger scale.

In last Sunday’s radio show I discussed the Solar Return chart of the United States, whose birthday is widely celebrated as July 4, 1776.  The Solar Return marks the exact moment that the Sun returns to its place in the natal chart and is often used as a predictor of what is likely to manifest over the coming year.  Embedded in the US Solar Return is this Mars square which suggests that it will be difficult for the US to achieve peace over the next year.

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