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No, that doesn’t mean a stop on the bus route, and it’s not like a train station.  A planet is said to make a “station” when it’s apparent action from our perspective on earth appears to slow down in preparation for a change of direction.  Mars is stationing right now, and will travel only 20 minutes of arc before turning retrograde on December 20th.
Mars is the planet of aggression and anger, so if you are feeling more intense than usual and if you find there is a lot more anger in the air right now, you’re not alone.  If Mars is stationing right on a sensitive point in your chart the effect will be even more pronounced.
Whenever we are dealing with Mars it’s important to try not to ignore it, or ignore those aggressive tendencies.  Suppressed Mars energy can act out in ways that are neither pleasant nor useful.  Instead, see where you could assert yourself more effectively, or where there may be anger rising up from within that needs to be released in some way.  Perhaps there is something that really should be said.  Or perhaps once and for all you need to tell that person to stay away from you.
In any case, we will be in a strong Mars period for the next two weeks or so.  This is an opportunity to learn the Way of the Warrior.
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