Here is a tidbit from Claire-France Perez on the etymologies of the word “left” and “right” as these words influence today’s political climate. She also gives an interesting analysis of upcoming cycles to the chart of the US:

Left in Latin is “sinister” and the right, “dexter.” Dexter interestingly, has something to do with the pointer finger, dextrously expressive of one’s personal “righteousness”… and is informed by the left lobe of the brain, the sorter, the maker of hierarchies, the reader of text upon a horizon line, and Self-Declared Superior Lobe. Horror films are described as “sinister.” That’s the left hand, ruled by the RIGHT LOBE of the brain (a very important piece of the consciousness puzzle), the one that astrologizes, that follows the winding narratives around the many bends of the human psyche. The right brain is more inclusive, and performs in the opposite way of the left lobe. Music and love-making occur on the right lobe. Conversation and art, anything with patterns (like astrology) and abstract concepts are processed in the right lobe. The right lobe informs the left hand.

The concepts of Unity, Brotherhood and Humanity or E Pluribus Unum are products of the right lobe. We may use the lobes of the brain as another metaphor for the political left and right in the US. And so, when we speak of “Left” and “Right,” let us also include these ancient associations in our considerations, and then look again at the national ascendant and now see the locus of the American Identity: The White House.

Let us also see a great white light, the SUN, the Appollonian center of power in this country, the very face of our nation to the world, in fact. Thus, “White” is important to the classic symbolism for the nation. Nobody more equal than the King (sic) as far as things had gone in the realm of their pre-1776 experience. That Jefferson took his inspiration not only from the Indian Nations, but also from the all too brief history of the Classical Greek form of government. An important trend in architecture swept the new nation. Public buildings were recreations of the beautiful pillars and porticos of the Greek Temples appearing in downtown Washington DC all the colonies, declaring themselves not only independant of Mother England, but also declaring a new identity for the colonies, and one in high contrast to the Britain of their oppressors. So, when the nation gets a transit to its IDENTITY (ascendant) it acts at first surprised, as if something is coming out of LEFT FIELD.

What will comprise the new identity of the US? Saturn makes a direct motion this month. And this week, the Republican party lost its “Hammer,” in the person of Tom Delay, another figure to step down and face charges. But more obvious to those who blog (since the major newspapers can hardly deal with it in any detail for now) is the complete breakdown of the ruling Republican party over the budget, and various bills who are crumbling and crashing to the floor, effectively halting the powers of the party to provide any leadership.

From a decidedly Leftie Blog ( comes this pithy image: “This past week, the Hammer got nailed, a “breakthrough” immigration bill was broken at the last minute, the House budget busted, Bush hit more all-time lows, and the Plame scandal took a Presidential turn. A tough week for rubber-stamp Republicans and their midterm aspirations …” WASHINGTON – The Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said Sunday that President Bush should speak publicly about a leak of classified intelligence that was released to rebut an Iraq war critic. “The president of the United States owes a specific explanation to the American people,” Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said on Fox News Sunday. Saturn goes direct with four degrees to go before exacting another steep toll on GW Bush’s credibility, his ascendant.

Uranus squaring the Ascendant: there’s a tension which polarizes the People and the Leadership. … As squares tend to stretch things out into polarized camps, the contrast was a mood that can only be attributed to the myth of that wild goddess, Artemis: Back to Nature was one of the battle cries of the era of Love. The era was as destructive as it was full of life simultaneously. Viet Nam. Terrible losses. (May the gods forbid another forage into war!) Similarly, we are already informed of the “downsizing” arriving in the manufacturing sector, automobile manufacturers will lay off thousands in the next year and a half, interestingly just in time for Pluto and Uranus to begin the square. The hardest hit will never find new employment before the bottom drops out… in Detroit. As we know, the concentric circles of impact will of course make tin soldiers out of too many of us. Best Strategy: get out of debt ASAP… sell what you can, while you can, except if you’ve owned California property for over five years: these mortgages will still be at the level most people can handle in this state being that it is the 5th largest economy in the world; for the rest, consider renting out rooms for the displaced to keep afloat. If you own your home and you have no seconds on the loans, the situation is best for getting through a rough period of economic strife.

Pluto is about to enter Capricorn, the sign which describes corporations most vividly. If anyone questions this, please refer to the conjunctions in Capricorn with Uranus, Saturn and Neptune playing the chords of “hostile take-overs” and “corporate downsizing” in the 1986-1989 period; check on this by comparing the headlines of the news to the dance of the planets.

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